10 Awesome Meals to Make With Bacon

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Bacon is probably the most loved food item in America. People are fanatical about it. They have it tattooed on their arm, they wear t-shirts about it, they put it in their drinks, ice cream, and salad dressing. For many people, any excuse to eat bacon in any form is a good one.

Here are 10 meal ideas for those of you who just can’t get enough of the greasy red stuff!

1. Have a Bacon Omelet.

Bacon omelet 05

Just cook the bacon, and then start the omelet on a pan next to it. Tear up strips of bacon and drop them into the omelet. Enjoy!

2. Put Bacon on your hamburger or cheeseburger to really add some flavor.

They do this at restaurants all the time. Why not bring the goodness home?

3. Add bacon grease to your cornbread batter.

Added while mixing the batter, bacon grease can add a nice bacon flavor to your cornbread. This would make an excellent side dish for many of the other items on this list!

4. Make a Bacon-asparagus Quiche

IMG 8056 Version 2

If you liked the bacon omelet, you’re sure to enjoy this one! This Quiche is essentially an egg pie, with our favorite ingredient mixed right in. It’s like a bacon omelet pot pie!

5. Make Bacon-cheese Potato Slices


If you have never tried these, you’re really missing out on something great. Served at some sports restaurants and western-style establishments, these delightful slabs consist of a slab of potato that is baked on an oven sheet (stone is ideal), with shredded cheese sprinkled on top. Tiny bits of bacon sprinkled all over the cheese, where they mix in to form a delightful treat. Other herbs and spices can also be used to add even more flavor. Dried chives are a favorite.

6. Corn Bacon Chowder


Corn-bacon chowder is a fantastic warm meal for a cold day or night. The mixture of the corn with the bacon and the creamy texture makes this dish absolutely delightful to enjoy in fall or winter.

7. Strawberry Bacon Spinach Salad

Strawberry bacon salad crop

This incredible salad should make your mouth water just thinking about it, and will go great with any of the other meals on this list, or with any non-bacon meal as well!

8. Bacon Popcorn

About to enjoy a movie with the family? This tasty twist on the traditional movie snack is sure to make your taste buds squeal with delight!

9. Hot Bacon Dressing

Enjoying a salad, but not sure what dressing to use? This tasty hotness is sure to put a smile on your face!

10. The Bacon Explosion

Bacon650 33

If you’re a hardcore bacon aficionado, this meal is the epitome of Bacon-based delight. You just have to try it.

Well, that list of ten fantastic bacon-based dishes should get you started down the road to bacon nirvana! If there are any favorites we missed, feel free to share a link to your favorite bacon recipe in the comments!

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