10 Child Stars who Grew Up To Be Morons

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Child stars, well, former child stars have the reputation for losing their stardom on the day the baby fat and dimples melt away, and becoming… well… Morons!  Here are 10 former child stars that have come through a life of early-adulthood only to revert back to infantile* morons as soon as the cameras stopped rolling, or in some cases, the cameras kept rolling, but they were too attention-whore-ish to get out of the way.

*No offense intended toward any innocent babies, who are, in all actuality, a hell of a lot smarter than the following 10 folks.

10.  Danny Bonaduce

Best known for: Danny Partridge in the popular ‘70’s sitcom, “The Partridge Family

Born: August 13, 1959

Married:  x2 currently engaged to lucky #3

Talents:  Pretending to play a bass guitar, lip-synching, and growing a goatee

Danny Boneduce co-starred on “The Partridge Family” at the age of 10 as the fire-red-headed, and freckled Danny Partridge.  By the end of the 1970’s Danny B’s career was dead, and he promptly started drugs, soon becoming homeless and addicted to crack.  So far, pretty typical for a child-turned-awkward-teen star.

In the 90’s Bonaduce was arrested for beating the crap out of a transvestite prostitute.  He went on to rehab 3 times to shake the coke habit, but ended up with an alcohol habit instead; I guess that’s sorta like the smoker switching to chewing gum.

Thanks to the wonderful world of reality TV, Danny Bonaduce has, well… been on-screen.  In the past few years… including “I Know My Kid’s a Star.”  Wow; really Danny???  Let’s pull a wagon of fresh faces down the path of child-star-has-been-dom.  Danny Bonaduce can be found on the radio as a DJ on 94 WYSP in Philadelphia; I tell you this only so you can know to avoid him should you happen to find yourself in the area.



9.  Gary Coleman

Best known forArnold in the 70’s and 80’s hit show “Diff’rent Strokes

Born/Died: February 8, 1968 – May 28, 2010

Married: x1; was estranged from wife when he died in May 2010

Talents:  One catch phrase, and Spokesperson for “CashCall.com,” and Enormous Rage

The quintessential child star of the late ’70s and ’80s, Gary’s childhood success did not carry into an adult career. By his twenties, he was broke, estranged from his parents, and working as a security guard… A security guard where?  Disneyland?

You’d expect Coleman to have been limited some by his height, but what he lacked in size, he made up for (or tried to) with might:  Coleman sued his parents, punched a woman (she mocked him after he refused her an autograph) bulldozed a couple of cars with his own, and got pissed off at Vanilla Ice because the singer wanted Gary to say his catch phrase…

Ultimately, Gary Coleman remained pretty much a moron until his death in May of 2010, at the age of 42; although, perhaps it was fate, for as everyone knows, 42 is, after all, the answer to life, the universe, and everything…  Whatchu talkin’…


8.  Willie Aames

Best known forTommy Bradford on the 1970′s “Eight is Enough,” Buddy Lembeck on 1980′s sitcom “Charles in Charge” and… “BibleMan“?

Born: July 15, 1960

Married: x2, Currently single

Talents:  Playing  a moron, (hmmm, ironic?) Running around in tights and a cape fighting Satan’s evil, and Running a pretty orderly yard sale

I have to admit to enjoying (okay, completely lusting after) Willie Aames’ blond curls, and uber-muscular arms and legs in the 80′s when Willie was parading about as the dimwitted Buddy Lembeck on Charles in Charge.  I would like to think I’m not the only one in that camp.  Unfortunately, drugs, alcohol, and… Christianity took Willie Aames on a wild, not-so-successful ride over the past 20+ years.

Most recently, Aames held a yard sale at his home to pay off over $350,000 in debt.  Apparently, as celebrities often do, Willie mistook his acting ability (loosely speaking) for reality TV talent, and appeared in VH1′s “Broke & Famous.”  Shortly after, he became a licensed financial adviser. (I am suddenly reminded of Danny Bonaduce hosting “I Know My Kid’s a Star…”)


7.  Taran Noah Smith

Best known forMark Taylor on the 1990′s big hit sitcom “Home Improvement.”

Born: April 8, 1984

Married: x1, Currently single

Talents:  Bein’ creepy!

This guy started out completely cute, and just got awkward somewhere between seasons of “Home Improvement,” eventually, his role on the show was one of a shy, goth teenager.   When the show finally ended, Taran was free to be creepy on his own, and boy did he!

Like a lot of kiddlets in Hollywood, Taran sued his parents for his “fortune,” moved his folks out of the family home, (a home that “he” bought at the sage age of 12-years-old) and at 17, he married a vegan woman 16 years his senior and moved her into the home where they ran an illegal vegan restaurant and catering service, making “Cheesy Cheese” their own vegan cheese product… from nuts.  Um… Did I already say creepy?  Long story short… they got busted, they got divorced, the house went into foreclosure, he stayed creepy.

Best of luck to Taran Noah Smith… perhaps if his parents had given him a boy’s name to begin with, he may have fared better.


6. Dustin Diamond

Best known forSamuel ‘Screech’ Powers on the 1980′s & 1990′s kiddie-sitcom “Saved by the Bell.”

Born: January 7, 1977

Married: x1, Currently single

Talents:  Extreme nerd powers, Managed, as a nerd mind you, to release a sex tape

Dustin Diamond may have had some sort of appeal back in SBTB days, (or maybe not) but where he is now… appeal, not so much.  Toss Dustin on the pile of washed-up, type-cast kid-o actors, and call it a day.

Diamond attempted to pull his career out of the crapper with (surprise, surprise) Reality TV, (Diamond caused all kind of juvenile trouble on Celebrity Fit Club) and when that failed (duh) he wrote a book, “Behind the Bell” dishing out tidbits of personal, but non-too-secret information about the rest of the SBTB cast, following the if-you-can’t-beat-’em-alienate-’em path.

All in all, Dustin Diamond has come out in true former-star form, complete with a sex-tape, and plenty of debt.  Atta-boy Dustin, carry on.



5.  Macaulay Culkin

Best known forKevin in “Home Alone & Home Alone 2: Lost in New York,” being besties with the late King of Pop

Born: August 26, 1980

Married: x1, Currently single

Talents:  Great aftershave yell… that’s really about at good as it gets

How do you describe the Mac-Attack?  For a while, he was cuter than the button on a grasshopper’s coat; he graduated to awkward, geeky, pimply teen, (Mac even went Taran Noah Smith-creepy for a while with that whole “Party Monster” thing).  Never really able to overcome the Home Alone casting (although, he played a pretty convincing psychopath in “The Good Son”).  Marriage at age 17 lasted a few minutes, Macaulay decided to swear off acting… right, he swore it off; I’m totally sure his decision had nothing to do with the fact that his phone wasn’t ringing, nope, uh uh, nothin’ like that… at all.

Mac had his share of drug trouble, and voice-over work; I place these together because if you are an actor with a substance abuse problem, what better way to make some cash without having to be seen?

We have to give the blond-headed tyke, and his myriad of siblings a break though, for surviving an unpleasant childhood.  Culkin and his brothers and sisters were raised Roman Catholic, Mac was close with Micheal Jackson… Hmmm.  I digress… You know, on second thought, perhaps disappearing into oblivion doesn’t make Macaulay Culkin a moron, maybe it just makes him smart.


4.  David Faustino

Best known forBud Bundy in the trashy, but oddly popular 1980′s-90′s sitcom, “Married with Children

Born: March 3, 1974

Married: x1 Currently single

Talents:  Actually growing out of awkwardness into good looking, Bad rap-singing, and Being short

Interestingly, David Faustino is not married with children.  To his credit, Faustino was actually still acting in 2009; oh, you didn’t hear about it?  Of course not; he was a child actor who never went anywhere!  When “Married…” finally (and I do mean finally, Faustino appeared in a whopping 259 painfully bad episodes) ended in 1997, Faustino was already 23, and not really what you’d call “cute” any more.  He kept busy though, appearing in guest spots all over television, and more recently, he (oooo, guess…) got some work in reality TV (Celebrity Boot Camp).

Should you want to catch up with David Faustino now (as if) you can find him once a week on “Star-ving” a web series on crackle.com.  Or!  You could paint your dining room hot pink, and then, watch the paint dry, I mean, if you were looking for entertainment.


3.  Corey Haim

Best known forLes Anderson in “License to Drive,” and Sam in “The Lost Boys” and Himself “Doing lots of Drugs…”

Born/Died: December 23, 1971 – March 10, 2010

Married: Never Married

Talents:  Being Canadian, and Managing to die from pneumonia, instead of drugs

Corey finished 8th grade, and decided to be an actor; and that, my friends, is how you foreshadow the life on a child star.  After lots of bit-parts in Canadian commercials, TV and movies, Corey Haim and Corey Feldman teamed up and became the 1980′s iconic duo.  Haim led a fast life in his early years, starting with bad-boy roles that seemingly carried into his personal life.  Haim had a lustful, whirlwind romance with booze, drugs, and eventually lost control of everything else.

He became know less as a hunk, and more as an addicted, violent has-been, even Corey Feldman distanced himself from Haim for a time (right Feldman, ’cause you were sooo much better…).  Were the drugs really a problem for Haim?  Entrance into rehab fifteen times for his drug addiction, which was so powerful it led to him suffering a drug-induced stroke and going into a brief coma, serves to tell us:  Yes.

The irony of Corey Haim’s life, and death, was that despite his substance abuse, and violent temper, he died of pneumonia.  Even for a a guy who didn’t do much else right, he may have been more intelligent than people believed, given that he never married, and never fathered any children.


2. Lindsay Lohan

Best known forTwins in “The Parent TrapCady Heron in “Mean Girls

Born: July 2, 1986

Married: Never married

Talents:  Incredible liquor tolerance, Hiding profane messages on her fingernails, Walking upright (sorta) Oh yeah, and she can Act, Sing, and Write songs

Rehab, and Court, and Jail,  Oh My!  Lindsay is such a far cry from the adorable, wholesome Disney actor she started out as, it is almost impossible to imagine her as ever playing such roles.  The first clue that Disney may have a bit of trouble on their hands was in 2001 when Hilary Duff got her panties in a twist, accusing Lohan of stealing her then boyfriend, Aaron Carter; silly Hilary, Lindsay was probably trying to attract you!

Her new attorney, Stuart V. Goldberg, was quoted last week after meeting Lindsay for the first time, as saying:

My impression of Lindsay is that she’s a fragile lost child — a sleeping beauty with her head in the sand. I found her not fully forewarned of the consequence of her actions.  I’m concerned that she’s not disciplined or tethered enough to the reality of adult consequences. … She doesn’t seem to have the awareness of what’s going to befall her.”

That all sounds very lawyer-ly and stuff;  translation:

Lindsay Lohan is living in la-la land, and should not be trusted to spread peanut butter on toast… in fact, keep her away from butter knives, toasters… and toast.” 

I would actually call Lohan more of a mess than a moron.  The spiral is going so quickly now, I don’t suppose anyone would be surprised to see her name in the obits sometime soon.  You want to root for her; she can be good, it’s just that she can’t seem to make any good choices that would pull her out of the abyss she seems to have fallen into.  Drugs, drinking, and idiots for parents will hasten the journey to moron-land for even the best-intentioned kid.

Here’s the deal, ItThing will proudly produce a fantastically positive and uplifting story the moment Lindsay Lohan turns it around… Until then, she may continue to end up in top-10 lists.  For her sake, I hope it isn’t the Top-10 Most Tragic Kid Stars that were Gone too Soon.


1. Michael Jackson

Best known forHimself… or someone loosely based on himself… in “The Jackson 5“  and “Popular Music

Born/Died: August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

Married: x2 Single at the time of death in June 2009

Talents:  Singing, Dancing, Shape-Shifting

Who’s Bad?  Certainly not Michael Jackson, at least when it came to his music.  From his early childhood, right up until the day before his death, MJ could out perform… Anyone!  We have all heard the tales of his childhood, his abusive father, (no one buys it, by the way, when old Joe Jackson denies he was an ass)  how else could MJ have ended up the way he did, without having had his spirit crushed, leaving him with nothing more than a shell to spend the rest of his life trying to fill?

There are two definitive camps regarding MJ; there are those who hated him, that think he was a weirdo, “Wacko-Jacko,” and a child molester.  Then, there are those who loved him, who think he was, perhaps odd, but the greatest performer who ever lived.  I have a tent, but I’m not about to die on this hill…  I do know this, however:  There are two truths about Michael Jackson:  His life:  Odd, wonderful, horrifying, and always, fascinating.  His ending:  Tragic.


I don’t suppose that one could really survive the rigors of acting, money, and total access to everything at such a young age, without some really, really great parenting.  The problem:  Not many really great parents would ever allow their children to become stars!  And there you have it:  Child Star = Adult Morons = Fodder for Print till the end of time.

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  1. danny chavez, 5 years ago Reply

    What a hateful person and shitty writer you are! You would go back to working an entry level job in the fast food industry, for it suits your skills much better.

    • Carlo R, 5 years ago Reply

      Ah shuddap! What’s so hateful about the truth that virtually everybody in Hollywood including writers, critics, producers and directors grew up to be morons. What… You’re somebody who’d like to join hands in an equatorial circle starting in the Amazon jungle to sing “I’d like buy the world a coke and keep in comp-a-ny… I’d like to hold it in my heart in perfect harm-o-ny”?

      What a galactic assh0le!

    • Tu Madre, 5 years ago Reply


    • Amuro, 5 years ago Reply

      Hateful? Hardly. I call it realistic.

      Why sugarcoat things? Sure, some of the people in this list happen to have passed away, but really… doesn’t excuse the fact that they did a lot of outrageous things while they were alive.

      Aptly put, Reality Bites.

      It really doesn’t matter if you were famous, after all, in most cases… what goes up, must go down sometime… with a huge splat.

      Gravity… look it up some time Danny.

    • BoobVagina, 5 years ago Reply

      Hahaha great job man, beware all the angry sandvagina grannies hating you.

    • Eleazar Jones, 5 years ago Reply

      Your writing skills amaze me(!)
      I wonder why you think people who work in the fast-food industry are beneath you, and your opinion.

  2. Me, 5 years ago Reply

    Why is the writer hateful? The views and opinion stated in this article seems to resonate with how most of us think. Maybe you should get a job, Danny. By the way, we have a position open, feel free to apply.

    • Laura, 5 years ago Reply

      Maybe because several of these people have only recently passed away??

      If not hateful, it’s certainly pretty trashy. But then that’s the state of our bottom-feeding American “culture” today. Pretty ironic for an entertainment blogger (who can’t spell) to be classifying others as “morons.”

      • canadianchica, 5 years ago Reply

        kay soo you need to chill. Ohkay it got kinda weird when the writer was talking about Michael Jackson, but that’s only because i like him. Have you ever heard the saying Truth hurts? Well that applies to here. It’s not like they didn’t know what they were doing. They brought all this stuff upon themselves, and it’s spiralled so out of control that they can’t mend thier lives again. So i’m not saying that you should stop talking trash to the writer, but also think of all the things those former child stars have done, and THEN talk. Especially Lindsey Lohan. I used to like her, and i still think she has a chance to turn around. But whatever all i’m asying is, you can’t blame the writer for telling the truth.

    • ..., 5 years ago Reply

      Maybe not hateful, but definitely too soon x2

  3. pligg.com, 5 years ago Reply

    10 Child Stars who Grew Up To Be Morons…

    Child stars, well, former child stars have the reputation for losing their stardom on the day the baby fat and dimples melt away, and becoming… well……

  4. Carlo R, 5 years ago Reply

    What’re you talking about… All of Hollywood grew up to be morons!!!!!!! Even writers, directors and producers!!!!!!!

  5. esh.jackson, 5 years ago Reply

    michael jackson is a genius,not a moron u idiot!u the writer is the great moron here for including michael in this list!

    • Erik, 5 years ago Reply

      F**k molester jackson! Im sooo happy he is dead and cant wait untill all his stupid fans and family die too.

      • Ash, 5 years ago Reply

        I agree 100% except I want Janet Jack 2 stay alive 4 a long time nd of course his kids……

      • kasturi patil, 4 years ago Reply

        stop being a bitchy ass…………okkkkk!!!! go chew ur own butt!!!

    • Rem, 5 years ago Reply

      Go suck a dick.

  6. Jeff, 5 years ago Reply

    I don’t think David Faustino really deserves to be on this list, or at least not that high. He’s been able to get work – he’s currently doing voice-overs for T-Mobile commercials. He is still young enough that it would be possible for him to ramp up his acting career again. Remember, John Travolta was considered a washed-up laughingstock until Pulp Fiction.

    • Debbie, 5 years ago Reply

      along with John Travolta….Tom Hanks too, was also considered a wash out until he had a his role in A League of Their Own….

  7. jessica, 5 years ago Reply

    This is awful! You are truly an evil person for writing such trash about people that you have no right to judge and especially people who are deceased!!

    • REALITY, 5 years ago Reply

      too bad, suk it its true

  8. Katy, 5 years ago Reply

    A writer labeling these people publicly as “morons” is extremely mean-spirited. What do you really know of their lives except for the negative things posted here? You never walked in their shoes. Beating these people while they’re down, or even dead in some cases, is quite cruel.

  9. willow, 5 years ago Reply

    I cannot believe you actually wrote this….

    “In the 90’s Bonaduce was arrested for beating the crap out of a transvestite prostitute (okay, so he’s not a total moron…).”

    You actually condone someone beating another individual????? If there is a moron here lady it is YOU! Transvestite! Prostitite! Doesn’t matter. That individual is a human being, just as you are. Too bad it wasn’t YOU that Bonaduce beat the piss out of along with the crap.

    While some people may grow up to be morons in spite of the terrific opportunities given to them, they have legitimate excuses. What is your excuse? They may be morons in your eyes but in mine you are nothing more than a brainless twit. Hopefully you’ll never reproduce! We don’t need any more of your ilk who condone beating people.

    May your hands forever be reduced to milking cows!

    • mur38, 5 years ago Reply

      What have you got against cows?

  10. Jenny, 5 years ago Reply

    Drug addiction is considered moronic? It’s a disease and is very sad. I agree with many readers, this is mean spirited and in poor taste.

    • jen, 5 years ago Reply

      Maybe the ‘author’ of this crap means that these people were morons for even trying drugs in the first place. I’m sure most of us can agree that is a pretty moronic thing to do! Other than that, the writer is the only moron here.

    • Me, 5 years ago Reply

      GROW UP YOU IDIOT… Drugs are not a DISEASE.

    • Dustin, 5 years ago Reply

      Umm, wow. If doing drugs isn’t moronic, what is?

  11. Kiki, 5 years ago Reply

    Very bitter, cheap-shot article. Sounds like the Rebecca Reece couldn’t make it in Hollywood herself, so she’s spitting out venom left and right. I’m disappointed Yahoo even put a link up to this moronic article. Ms. Reece, ask yourself if, in writing this article, you’ve done anything to make this world a better place. Shame on you!

  12. Jessica, 5 years ago Reply

    Michael Jackson was not a moron…He was amazingly smart, actually. Look up the definition of “moron” next time. A moron isn’t just someone you happen not to like.

    • mur38, 5 years ago Reply

      Look up the definition of ‘child molester’ too.

      • Dustin, 5 years ago Reply


    • NM, 4 years ago Reply

      YES MJJ was the greatest singer dancer, no doubt in that whatsoever. LONG LIVE THE KNIG.

  13. Gary, 5 years ago Reply

    WOW! Talk about harsh! Whoever wrote this article must be just jealous
    ’cause they never warranted such fame. All these stars that were mentioned have/had problems just like the average everyday person but lacked the mental and emotional ability to deal with said problems. I mean, let’s see how firmly YOU deal with reality when you grow up abused and have a hard childhood like Michael Jackson!

  14. Allison, 5 years ago Reply

    Are you kidding?!?! Gary Coleman, Corey Haim, and Michael Jackson JUST DIED!!! Have an f’n heart! Danny Bondauce’s assault on a transvestite prostitute does NOT win him points in my book, as it apperantly does the writer’s, it makes him the perputrator of a Hate Crime! That along with the comment that Taran would have been better off if his parents had given him a girl’s name in the first place, scream homophobe. Furthermore, drug addiction is not funny. There but for the grace of God go you, Ms. Reese. Badly done.

  15. Adrienne, 5 years ago Reply

    Umm, wy the hell is Micael Jackson number 1?! there are plenty of other child actors that couldve been number one. If anything, i was expecting lindsay lohan to be number one.

    Michael jackson never did anything that made him a moron.

    This article should be taken off the web. It seems like its just an article put out to verbally abuse child actors. Theyve heard it already that they screwed up, and I’m sure theyre trying to turn their lives around ( Not Michael Jackson, he shouldnt even be on here!!!)

  16. Aaron, 5 years ago Reply

    Stop crying. It is funny, assaulting a transvestite prostitute does win him points, and drug addiction is totally grounds for humor. Oh, and Michael Jackson was a pervert and weird as all hell.

    • Nichole, 5 years ago Reply

      Gee, Aaron, you and the author have a thing going? Or are you just a natural a-whole?

  17. Paul, 5 years ago Reply

    Are you seeing a common thread here, dude? The only person who seems to have the award for “Most Moronic” seems to be you.

  18. Dale, 5 years ago Reply

    there’s always porn

  19. Melissa, 5 years ago Reply

    You are all morons. This article is hilarious. Quit taking everything so freggin literally. Duh.

  20. Pearl Jr, 5 years ago Reply

    This is so inaccurate about Michael Jackson and his relationship with his father. His father is responsible for the world knowing his children. MJ forgave his father and as cruel as Joe sometimes seems, his methods undeniably worked.


    The timing of Michael Jackson’s death was just too perfect. He died the very next day after completing just enough footage for the “This Is It” documentary, and the opening for LA Live (owned by AEG/Staples Center) for the world is watching “This Is It” Premier, also the owner of AEG owns more movie theaters than anyone else in the world.

    That is less than 1 percent of the evidence that proves that Michael Joe Jackson is NOT dead!


    P.S. Michael’s name still is NOT on his grave!

    • Andy, 5 years ago Reply

      This article, not unlike so many on the internet these days, was written in a casual style with the intent for reaction. Yahoo will accept just about anyone as a “writer” it seems and post their article, content and spelling notwithstanding. But in fairness to the “writer”, she did make her point about child stars, but clearly was hardest on the non-female, non-african american candidates. So you can read her polital correctness between the lines. But most of her choices were former sitcom actors. Having said this, Jackson, who was certainly talented, should be on the top of this list as the weirdest, most known, famous child entertainer who grew(not really grew as he seemed to have been a child his entire life)into adulthood. And if his own actions, and strange behaviours weren’t enough to qualify him as a first class moron, then his face certainly did.

  21. Johnny .45, 5 years ago Reply

    Bob, I agree. I don’t laugh when I hear of some prostitute who got the crap beat out of her. I don’t even laugh when I hear about some guy who got the crap beat out of him, unless I know that he really deserved it. Even then, I probably wouldn’t think it was very funny. So, why the hell should I think it was so funny for some half-crazy transvestite getting beat to a pulp? There was a few things on here that could actually be used to argue that the person was, indeed, a moron, and that’s one of them. No, sorry, not moron, I meant P.O.S.

  22. G, 5 years ago Reply

    I’m glad to see mj is at the number ONE spot. That child molesting piece of shit did the only thing he’s ever done right and DIED !

  23. G smooth, 5 years ago Reply

    You know what rebecca im not going to go as far an say your a racist just really really stupid.

  24. Sunset, 5 years ago Reply

    Sir, but I’m sure Michael Jackson got bigger when he grew up, i know there were some mess-ups in his life (like every big star) and some moronic acts, but for sure he can’t be in this list since he was one of the greatest singers even when he was not a child anymore!

  25. Crowblack_wtich, 5 years ago Reply

    lol… all these people saying the writer’s ‘sooo mean!’ waaah! lmfao. It’s like they’ve never browsed the internet before. Shit. XD

    • Jon, 5 years ago Reply

      Are you saying that because there’s a lot of assholes on the internet that it’s okay to be an asshole? Or that because there’s many of them on the internet that it somehow dulls the cruel words said by a single person in this intent? Wow. How embarrassing for humanity.

  26. Cherry, 5 years ago Reply

    Danny Bonaduce should be at #1 and Lindsay Lohan at #2 , they are both the top morons in showbiz alone.

  27. Yer Mama, 5 years ago Reply

    Ever heard the expression…”If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”? OR “Opinions are like a-holes. Everyone has one and must of them stink!” There’s already too much hatred in the world. Why add to it?

  28. Duke, 5 years ago Reply


    • Jon, 5 years ago Reply

      If this is directed toward this article, I agree whole-heartedly. There’s so much more to worry about than the crap that people are writing. People should focus on more realistic topics.

  29. Adriana, 5 years ago Reply

    The writer of this article has no feelings at all, worse he is rude & has no talent at writing. Fire this person & hire someone with writing skills!

  30. Adriana, 5 years ago Reply

    Michael Jackson is on the list? The writer must be a racist.

    • Erik, 5 years ago Reply

      The only racist on the planet now are blacks!Go hug some trees, save a whale, sissy! Being pc and all squishy is why america sucks. You sissy fuckers should go to canada!

  31. Not a Child Star, 5 years ago Reply

    Wow Rebecca, you really ruffled a lot of feathers with this article….. but not mine! Not only did this make me laugh out loud after a hard day, I even found out what happened to Taran Noah Smith – Double whammy! Haha! :)

  32. Jim, 5 years ago Reply

    I thought it was funny and completely on the mark. Well written. Haters to the left.

  33. jlb, 5 years ago Reply

    None of these we’re cute kids, the baby pic.of MJ yeah, but most looked better as they aged, bye

  34. Phred, 5 years ago Reply

    I dunno…MJ was creepy but it wasn’t his fault. If I’d been through all he had I might be a little off too. As far as Macaulay Culkin, I’d say that anyone who can keep Mila Kunis happy must have his personal thing pretty well together.

  35. Greg, 5 years ago Reply

    I AGREE!
    Danny douchebag and Lindsay(Likes to lick girls crack)Lohan
    should be #1 and #2

    umm the rest… well there just loser morons,
    but not MJ, weird yes pedo maybe, genius yes.

  36. Texrat, 5 years ago Reply

    I agree with some of the assessments here and there, but this is overall crap. I sure hope the author didn’t get paid for this juvenile tripe.

  37. Roberto G, 5 years ago Reply

    My God, I must hug the person who wrote this, thank you, for picking out these people, and yes you are right!!! lol Be sure to add Britney Spears next time, please, write another, good work!! =)

  38. sam, 5 years ago Reply

    I think this is bad list. Making fun of these dead actors is sick. Micheal Jackson never did anything, he was destroyed. I don’t think it’s good to criticize Gary Coleman. That kid was so unlucky to “grow up” that short. Also Corey Haim I didn’t know he died this is sad

  39. jon, 5 years ago Reply

    i love that line about the culkin kids and the screwed up childhoods. the explanation? they were raised roman catholic. yeah. that explains it. all us catholis (75 million in the country alone) are screwed up.

    Or could it be that the smart ass author isn’t as clever as she thinks. maybe she’s just bigoted.

  40. Lucia, 5 years ago Reply

    Their lives are no different from our own. Just because their lives are more publisized as actors means they can’t screw up? That’s hypocrytical bullcrap.

  41. Ash, 5 years ago Reply

    @Danny Chavez—- Why are gettin’ so pissed off I mean seriously? U need freakin’ angermanagement dude.

  42. Browntoast, 5 years ago Reply

    Why isn’t Leif Garrett on this list???

  43. zeke, 5 years ago Reply

    Bonaduce doesn’t belong on this list. He kicked Donny Osmond’s butt in a celebrity boxing match in 94, which to me outweighs all the negatives mentioned here!

  44. Brandy O., 5 years ago Reply

    To all those b****ing about this writer::::
    Don’t read it if you don’t like it!!!!
    I think it’s funny as hell..You go Mr/Ms.Writer
    you so funny!!!!
    Truth hurts sometimes….

  45. Tabi, 5 years ago Reply

    I’d agree with all of the above except for Michael Jackson (and no not because he is no longer with us….). All of those states above are 100% right…they did come out to be complete morons. The part that is wrong about Michael Jackson is….his creepy/moron side of him was what made him…well…him. Regardless of how off the wall, creepy things he did…regardless of his moronic choices/actions…people LOVED him (and surprisingly still do after he had departed). That is where he differs from the rest. Even though he hit a sour spot in his career prior to his death and looking past his lavish spending habits, the man could sell records…the man made lots and lots of money. I was never a big fan of his, but he made his mark a lot more so than the others listen and for that, I think he shouldn’t be a part of the list. Aside from him…the rest are pretty spot on :)

  46. nezinau, 5 years ago Reply

    i think its unfair there is picked up just unpreatty photos many of those people

  47. pragmatist, 5 years ago Reply

    A well meant word of caution here :

    Life can certainly surprise you , in many ways.
    No one knows what tomorrow may bring.

    Child stars , celebrities , people with fame , by the nature of their
    profession may well be particularly vulnerable to making mistakes ,
    some of which may be very difficult to recover from , if at all.

    Many have made serious mistakes , as has been mentioned , and often at a tender young age.It could be argued that the ” lucky ” ones may have had an effective safety net in the form of supportive and loving parents , partners , or mentors .

    Some did not.

    This does not necessarily make them ” Morons”.

    Believe it or not , this could all have happened to you and me ,
    life can be fateful and fickle. Judge not so quickly.

  48. Marty, 5 years ago Reply

    I’m guessing the author of this piece is another spectator in life.

    “Let’s point and laugh at child actors who haven’t done as well as we expect them to.” Really? All of a sudden you’re an expert in this field? Pray tell what you were doing at a young age that gives you the right to criticize others?

    Every single person in this list achieved more in the time they were on screen than you ever will. To even go so low as to include 3 people who are no longer with us, just sums you up really. Now go out and get a proper job as journalism certainly isn’t your strongest point.

  49. Maria, 5 years ago Reply

    You didn’t quite explain why Taran Noah Smith is so creepy, and no, repeating it three times doesn’t quite explain it.

    I have no objection with the meanness of the article, I just think snark is not this particular writer’s forte. Plainly put, they suck at it.

  50. Annabel Haessler, 5 years ago Reply

    hahahahahahahaahah good for her

  51. davidv, 5 years ago Reply

    I’m so tired of horrible writing being posted on major sites. People like you are dumbing down our culture and ruining writing for everyone. You try to be witty and funny but in your attempt you revealed how much of an idiot you truly are. I admit I sometimes have a sick sense of humor but implying certain people are better off dead on a public forum has got to be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. I can’t even imagine being a family member of one of these people and reading this. For those who are commenting that this is hilarious – I’m surprised you even figured out how to turn on a computer.

  52. Mbon, 5 years ago Reply

    I wonder what moron wrote this.

  53. Ethan Fowler, 5 years ago Reply

    Ha Dustin Diamond is more of a moron when he was a child. But Michael Jackson, Gary Coleman and Lindsay lohan were all very cute

  54. emd, 5 years ago Reply

    why the hell is michael jackson there? he acomplished more than any other artist ever did while he was an an adult!! Ever here of thriller? The biggest selling album of all time? how the hell does that make him a moron????

  55. Sanzo, 5 years ago Reply

    you people are barking up the wrong tree

  56. Babyjane, 5 years ago Reply

    briljant. amazed how many people here are defending those morons.

  57. mieketsai, 5 years ago Reply

    Lindsay Lohan is beautiful now~~

  58. hmm, 5 years ago Reply

    so u have sites so u can write about us

  59. Glen, 5 years ago Reply

    Say what you want about Culkin, but if you’re sharing your bed with Mila Kunis, I’d say you’re doing alright.

  60. i, 5 years ago Reply

    dear human who’s not even better than a turd

    go down in your moms basement and play your little xboxshit
    and eat shit
    you are shit
    no shit is better than you
    your worse than shit
    shit would even get a acting job faster than you
    so go rub your dick or commit suicide i think that last thing s better for you your dick and the whole world!

    see ya def wouldn’t wanna be ya!

  61. xianneh, 5 years ago Reply

    and Michael jackson is number 1 on your list?

    I’ll tell u this God-damn writer: YOU WILL NEVER ACHIEVE WHAT MICHAEL JACKSON HAD, you’re not even as close as to 5% of his achievements no matter how hard you try.

    Is this all you can do?? — writing hateful and weird and senseless articles?!!?

    DAMN. LOSER!!!!!!! Poor you. I really pity you.

    For every 1 Michael Jackson hater, there are 100,000 Michael Jackson lovers.

    Dig That!

  62. jinzokami666, 5 years ago Reply

    you forgot miley cyrus and the sprouse twins

  63. NorwayAndreas, 5 years ago Reply

    C’mon!! I bet all of you who are hating on the guy writing this post are hypocrits…I’m pretty damn sure you have ALL laughed at something that “isn’t something to laugh about”. You can laugh about anything..Man if people were laughing in my funeral, i’d be happy….I’m a clumsy guy, and I used to do ALOT of dumb things…I’m a moron..But i can laugh at myself for the stupid things i’ve done, they will follow me for the rest of my life, im not gonna cry about it…And I understand there is some pretty die-hard fans of some of the people that are on this list, and you take it personally..Please dont…All the people on this list has been dissed WAY more than the guy making this list did..Please dont take everything so serious, Im a big Corey Haim fan, the fact that he did so many mistakes makes him alot more human and real to me…

    Peace everybody, I hope you have a wonderful day!

  64. daniel, 5 years ago Reply

    I think your conclusion is wrong.
    There are several young actors who didn’t ruin their or other’s life and are still talented.

  65. Dustin, 5 years ago Reply

    Whether MJ was a great artist, dancer, etc. is irrelevant, it’s obvious he made some very bad decisions, like COMPLETELY altering his appearance and skin color. He was obviously very troubled if he would go through that kind of operation, and I think that’s what the article is saying.

  66. Anon, 5 years ago Reply

    I knew Michael was a shape-shifter!

  67. maryam, 5 years ago Reply

    hey guyz1
    have some respect for the dead at least!!!!

  68. addi, 5 years ago Reply

    Michael Jackson is the most controversial…

  69. JBaggos, 5 years ago Reply

    Well said. These are very realistic descriptions of all ten people. It’s embarrassing that some want everything to be sugar-coated so they can pretend we all live in a Disney movie.

  70. Anonymous, 5 years ago Reply

    Some of the criticisms here are warranted, but others are just moronic. Example – in the Surreal Life, Vanilla Ice hounded Gary Coleman to say his catchphrase, even though: 1) It’s well-known that for DECADES Coleman did everything he could to distance himself from his role in Diff’rent Strokes, even to the point of ruining his career. 2) Throughout the show, Vanilla Ice continually whined and raged about being pigeon-holed by his old, soft, and corny rapper image. What a hypocrite. If anyone should understand, it’s Vanilla Ice.

    Why do you bash these people for suing their parents? Their parents took all of their money, and left them with NOTHING when their careers were over. People who exploit kids like this DESERVE to be sued. Ultimately, this article is pathetic. The writing is amateurish, and the tone is absolutely juvenile. So many Americans love to build up famous people like demigods, and then relish breaking them down again, whether they deserve it or not. It’s disgusting.

  71. RomanHans, 5 years ago Reply

    The word “moron” clearly doesn’t fit Michael Jackson, at the very least, and probably doesn’t fit various other child celebs who found it hard to let go of stardom.

    Throwing the word “moron” around far too lightly, of course, more than qualifies you for the title.

  72. Meredith, 5 years ago Reply

    First of all, They spelled Michael Jackson’s name wrong.(Big Mistake)

    Second of all, Macaulay Culkin isn’t a moron.

  73. Meredith, 5 years ago Reply

    WTF?!?!?! They had the NERVE To put Michael Jackson on here?! They’re the fucking morons!!!

    They need to stop licking the shit out of their asses and get a clue.

  74. dino vinciguerra, 5 years ago Reply

    Shirley Temple , where are your?

  75. vegasfinnelli, 5 years ago Reply

    Macaulay Culkin is dating Mila Kunis… the hot chick from That 70′s Show… not that much of a moron… and not single.

  76. Dude McDude, 5 years ago Reply

    Lol all my 5 are beong to this!

  77. bho567, 5 years ago Reply

    Macaulay Culkin is dating/banging Mila Kunis…..he wins, you lose

  78. Morse Billie, 5 years ago Reply

    Reminder;being a celebrity doesn’t mean u become a god or somethng.These pple are normal human beings who are not immune of mistakes just like anyone else on this planet.Their situations are even made worse by the fact that they are always on the spotlight.That means everything they do,including their mistakes,is also on the spotlight.The mistakes we all make are the same mistakes they can make,the only difference is that their mistakes become “super mistakes” because they are made by celebrities.Some of us even make worse mistakes in life.Always remember that.

  79. Nyeh, 5 years ago Reply

    To be honest I think this writer is just really jealous of actors, highlights teur bad points and hates kids.
    How could you insult the Home Alone kid? HOW COULD YOU?

  80. Nyeh, 5 years ago Reply

    The Michael Jackson fans pwned this writer.

  81. smokn pudlz, 5 years ago Reply

    David Faustino looks like he was up for 3-4 days on a coke or meth binge.

  82. Certified Medical Assistant, 4 years ago Reply

    Thanks for sharing this information! It’s very useful for a lot people to grow up their mind.

  83. Rocke, 4 years ago Reply

    Crap writings, go find a girlfriend.

  84. YouAllMakeMeLaugh, 4 years ago Reply

    Everyone who has posted on this site has obviously forgotten that you’re living in a FREE COUNTRY. The writer of this article is simply sharing their opinion. Sure, you also have the right to share your point of view, though blatant hatred in the form of insults and abuse really just goes to show that most of you are unable to keep your emotions in check. Firstly, let me point out that the intention of all writers isn’t simply for you to like the article in question, it’s also to engage the reader. Whether you enjoyed this piece of writing or not, you were evidently all engaged. Else, your comments and opinions would not have been written so passionately. It also comes to my attention that you have no sense of humor. A lot of modern media is crude, unsophisticated and downright abusive. So what? Get over it. This is the modern age. People express their opinions freely, whether it be television, genuine articles of writing, or small internet pages. In truth, reading through your comments made me laugh more than the actual article. Not because I find you humorous, because you really seem to think that the writer actually cares what you have to say. In short; grow up. If you don’t like a particular piece of writing, don’t read it. Nobody gives a damn about your whining.


  85. miss veronica shumpert, 4 years ago Reply

    there is a photo were many from south/other locations are truly god’s enemy/abominations’disgusing’fool clothes yourself”nakedness not to be seen publicly/i hope the coleman family/church of christ the divine building fine because you cannot destroy the true meaning first gathering when received the deliverance/power in jesus christ the name to be saved by”acts 2:38-40kjv not nkjv”

  86. Logan Ruckman, 4 years ago Reply

    Only a fucking retard would hate Married.. With Children. 259 painful episodes? More like 259 great episodes from the greatest sitcom of all time, you no talent shithead. Go fuck yourself.

  87. CNA training online, 4 years ago Reply

    my favorite to all that 10 child star to grew up as a moron is Macaulay Culkin. that is my opinion

  88. 5 Childhood Actors Who Made it Big | It Thing!, 4 years ago Reply

    [...] Of course, not all childhood actors make it big. In fact, some turn out to be downright flops. Now check out our article on 10 Child Stars Who Grew Up To Be Morons! [...]

  89. Foster Young, 3 years ago Reply

    Yea, this is just hateful. I’m sure the author is raking in TOOOONS compared to these folks.

  90. Medical Assistant Careers, 3 years ago Reply

    Lindsay Lohan tops the list – unfortunately going to read more bad things in the future.

  91. Home improvement intro, 3 years ago Reply

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  92. domain name news, 3 years ago Reply

    That’s funny. That’s a great list. I think Dustin is my favorite out of the whole crew. Tough choice though.

  93. NYJ, 3 years ago Reply

    ‘Course, if MJ really did do those things to those kids (I said IF), then the only tragedy about his death was that it took so long

    • Avril, 3 years ago Reply

      One child actually came forward and admitted that his parents told him what to say. He admitted that it never happened and the plan was mostly encouraged by his father to extort money from MJ.. this now nearly 30 year old man has been interviewed several times since MJs death.

  94. Avril, 3 years ago Reply

    Well, except for when it comes to Lindsay Lohan. You gave her a HUGE break. Total injustice to Michael Jackson (not surprising) and very informative when it came to the kid from “Home Improvement”..I never knew what happened to him. OAN: “Married…With Children” is STILL hilarious!!! :-)

  95. The Information Shop, 3 years ago Reply

    yea nice Work :D

  96. jane, 3 years ago Reply

    Macaulay Culkin is amazing. You’re an idiot.

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