10 Jobs for People Who Don’t Like Working With People

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I am not a people person. I am not happy, smiley or outgoing. I like to be left alone. I don’t want to be apart of a team. I am not a mean or hurtful person, I just don’t like working with people.

What career choice is right for me? Great news! We’ve compiled a list of a bunch of really interesting career choices for people just like you who simply don’t like to work with other people. Each of these career choices should work well for you, because none of them require to much contact with people, so they all give you the peace, quiet, and privacy you enjoy so much. Good luck in your job search, and happy job hunting!

  1. Janitor
  2. Janitor


    Janitors usually get to spend the night alone, working in an empty building while emptying trash cans, mopping, sweeping and doing other cleaning tasks. This can be a relaxing, even therapeutic job. It frees your mind to think about whatever you like, and gives you a chance to listen to podcasts, music, audio books, or the radio.

  3. Independent Writer or Editor
  4. Writing Most independent writers and editors get to spend most of their time working at a computer, communicating with others via email. They can spend their time doing what they love — creating order out of chaos.

  5. Artist
  6. Artists, when successful, can create whatever type of art pieces they like in isolation, and then sell them via the internet. It makes for a very relaxing and enjoyable living, and one that requires very little contact with people.
    Matte stephens artist

  7. Cartographer
  8. Cartographers, or map makers, spend their time between exploring the uncharted areas they need to map, and actually creating the maps from the information they glean from these expeditions. Neither part of this job requires much contact with others.
    NCP carauto1

  9. Systematic Biologist
  10. There are new species of plants, animals, and other life forms being discovered every single day. The job of the Systematic Biologist is to discover these new species and then document and classify them. It’s a very adventurous job, and one that involves a lot of travel, with very little contact with others.
    Biologist geographer

  11. “Graveyard Shift” Jobs
  12. Any job that takes place during the late hours of the night, such as being the night guard at a company’s headquarters, or delivering supplies to hospitals or restaurants, typically involves little contact with people. It can be relaxing to work alone in the night hours, and the streets tend to be nearly empty in most cities, so you avoid traffic problems entirely.

  13. Lighthouse Keeper
  14. 1641024265 09db7d07a2 This unusual job lets you work on the beach, with the fresh breeze, and the sounds and smells of the ocean on a daily basis. Lighthouses themselves are beautiful, as are the amazing panoramic views they provide. They also provide solace and solitude to their keepers.

  15. Freelance Designer
  16. Aside from securing and reporting to clients, a freelance designer works independently each day to create amazing solutions to design problems. This is a passion-filled job that lets you create things, get paid for it, and enjoy some solitude all at the same time.
    Graphic designer

  17. Park Ranger
  18. Park Rangers spend the majority of their time in the great outdoors, and depending on where they are stationed, may have little to no contact with people involved in their job. The fresh air, beautiful surroundings, and scenic views are all great perks as well. They also get plenty of exercise.
    Park Ranger on river patrol

  19. Application Developer
  20. JoelCommifart App developers create and sell software for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other platforms such as Android and Windows Phone. They get to work alone, or with groups of their close friends, and create amazing experiences for people to use. It’s a very independent job that requires very little contact with customers or other people.

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  1. Greg, 4 years ago Reply

    Here are some employment choices for those that don’t like much people contact
    with good pay too

    (1) Forensic Scientist
    (2) Accounting
    (3) Software Engineer
    (4) Equine Medicine and/or Horse Trainer
    (5) Air Traffic Controllers basically only talk to pilots

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