28 Things To Do On National Goof Off Day

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Believe it or not, National Goof Off day doesn’t exist. But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate it anyway! The day is actually known as International Goof Off Day, and always takes place on March 22nd. It’s suspected that the day was invented by an influential someone who was very overworked and stressed out, so they decided to invent a day dedicated to fun and enjoyment. Want to share in the celebration of International Goof Off Day? Here are some ideas to get you started!

  1. If you can get away with it, take the day off work.
  2. Skip school and go do something fun with friends.
  3. Have a LAN party, and play computer games with a bunch of friends or family members.
  4. Play XBox Live, try and coordinate with friends in real life or online and decide on a time to play online together.
  5. Go to the beach, if you live in a warm climate near the coast.
  6. Go hiking if you’re someone who enjoys the great outdoors.
  7. Get together with the guys and play some football.
  8. Sign up for Netflix if you’re not already a member, and watch back to back episodes of your favorite TV series. 24, Prison Break, LOST, House, and others all make for great TV marathons.
  9. If Netflix isn’t your thing, watch movies or TV shows on HULU all day.
  10. Go Snow Shoeing through the woods or on a trail if you live in a cold climate. Try traveling to the mountains and try it, if not.
  11. Go to the mall and go window shopping.
  12. Read your favorite book, or a book you’ve never read before, cover to cover in one day.
  13. Choose a local town or recreational area and go exploring. Try to find some interesting places you’ve never been before.
  14. Spend the day with your best friend.
  15. Go on an all-day date with the one you love (or like!).
  16. Go to the country club and play some golf. Too much? Try playing Wii Sports Golf at home or at a friends house. It’s tons of fun. The boxing is also a blast.
  17. Play board games or cards with family or friends.
  18. Watch ESPN or your favorite sports channel with the guys.
  19. Go to the mountains and go skiing or snowboarding.
  20. Have an International Goof Off Day party.
  21. Go canoeing, kayaking, boating, or fishing.
  22. Go to the park with friends and play some basketball or volleyball. If you live in a warm climate, play volleyball in the sand at the beach.
  23. Go to a museum. There are some really great science and history museums in most cities.
  24. Go for a bike ride.
  25. Go out and see a great movie or a play.
  26. Have a barbecue, and grill some steaks, ribs, or chicken. Buffalo Wings are great too.
  27. Go to the nearest zoo and see all the exotic animals.
  28. Explore a butterfly conservatory or botanical garden.

Most importantly, have fun on National Goof Off Day, and spend some quality time with people you love!

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