3d Printers to Replace Jobs

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3D printing is fast becoming a part of everyday life, and they say, will soon take over the manufacturing Industry.

Just as how internet revolutionized communications and the distribution of information, new technologies like 3d printing, once widely adopted, may do the same thing for manufacturing. The 3d printing technology is continually improved and customized to meet more specialized needs. It won’t take longer than a decade for this market to take off. As more elaborate versions of this technology is becoming available, the cost of home-based 3d printers has greatly dropped. Today, entry-level, fully assembled 3D printers are available for just under $500.

3D printers allow physical objects to be designed digitally and printed using physical materials.  Home-based 3D printing has the potential to lower costs even more. This will decentralize and democratize manufacturing. With the obvious advantage on cost and convenience, 3D printing at home could soon become the new norm.

And when that happens, the need for physical labor would dramatically reduce. As this technology will completely revolutionize the manufacturing industry, the careers of countless people across the globe are in danger of becoming become obsolete – it’s simply a matter of when.


Contour Crafting – Print an Entire Livable House in 20 Hours

Developed by Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis of the University of Southern California, Contour Crafting is a layered fabrication technology aimed at automating the construction of whole structures as well as its sub-components. Using the technology, building a livable, durable and custom-designed standard-sized house would take only take less than 20 hours.

Conventional construction is labor-intensive, slow, expensive and dangerous. Around 10,000 construction-related deaths are reported in America every year. Contour Crafting hopes to bring solution to such problem.

The technology is also environmental-friendly as only a fraction of CO2 emission and energy usage is involved as compared to building a house of similar size using traditional construction.

Contour Crafting


Buildings are currently among the very few things that are man-made. Most of what we utilize today, from the clothes we wear to the food we eat, are made by machines.

While Contour Crafting brings all these good news to industries bogged down with increasing labor and manufacturing material costs, it isn’t something to look forward to for the average American blue-collar worker, who’s already struggling to find gainful employment.

3D printing is already a reality, and startups are currently working on bringing this type of technology to the mass market. It’s only a matter of time before three-dimensional printing is readily available to the average consumer. How do you think it will affect the labor force worldwide?

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