5 Activities to Do On New Years’ Eve

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With New Years’ Eve coming up fast, it’s time to start planning things to do on that last winter holiday! We all want to make the most of it, and it always helps to have a bunch of great ideas for things to do.

Here are five that we particularly enjoy!

#5. Check out the event listings in your area, google around and see what’s going on and then attend something awesome!


Every area has its own unique activities, so there are obviously way to many to even begin to list here, but there are surely activities within driving range of your home that are going on on New Years Eve. Also check the schedules of groups you may be a member of, such as your church, any clubs you belong to, any meetup groups you attend, or other assemblies. Many of them have activities scheduled that will provide the opportunity to get together and have a blast with people you already know and enjoy spending time with.

#4. Plan a get-together at your house.

New years eve tallahassee 2012 kids babysitter

Not the event-going type? Prefer to stay home and relax instead? No problem! Invite some friends and family over and have everyone bring something to eat. Play games or have a movie-watching marathon until quarter til midnight, and then watch the ball drop in Times Square on TV.

#3. Go ice skating with friends and family.

Ice skate

Even in the warmer states, you can participate in ice skating and even hockey on New Years Eve to get in the winter holiday spirit. There are a lot of ice skating arenas and rinks that are open on New Years, and if you get a large enough group you may even be able to rent out an entire facility!

If you live in a colder state, you can often just find a local pond, flooded field, river, or lake that has frozen solid (and make sure it’s truly solid!) and skate there for free.

Skate safe, and have fun!

#2. Go skiing, snow boarding, sledding, or snow tubing.

Snow tubing

If you live in a northern state, you can usually do this in your own back yard or nearby. For the ultimate experience, find a ski resort that has all of these things available. Snow tubing is something many people never think to try that’s incredibly fun, and a lot easier than skiing or snowboarding.

In California, you can drive to the mountains and do all of these things. Even if you live on the beach, the mountains and snow are often one to three hours’ drive away!


#1. Travel to New York City and experience the ball-drop first-hand.

Events new years square

If you live anywhere in the Northeast (and many millions of Americans do), why not plan a road trip to experience the madness and mayhem of Times Square in person? You may not want to park anywhere nearby, or even in the city for that matter. It tends to be best for visitors to park outside the city at a train station and take the train in, using the subways to navigate the city once inside. You can also use Taxis and buses to get around in places where the subways don’t go (which are relatively few and far between). You can use the Google Maps app on your phone to get real-time public transportation directions that will tell you which trains, subways, and buses you need to take in real-time, even autocorrecting and recalculating if you miss your ride, finding you the next best route automatically. It’s a life-saver to have in the business that is New York City.

Hopefully this list will get your creative juices flowing and you’ll be able to come up with some really fantastic New Years’ Eve plans that the whole family will love!

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