5 Crazy Things Hidden in Movies

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Pizza Planet Truck Appears in Every Pixar Film


Believe it or not, Pixar has managed to hide the “Pizza Planet” delivery truck from the original Toy Story movie in every Pixar movie to date. It makes an appearance in A Bug’s Life, Toy Story 2, and even Cars.

Nemo Appears Three Times in Monsters, Inc.


Nemo, the star of one of Pixar’s most famous films ever, Finding Nemo, appears in Monsters, Inc. It wasn’t enough to just slip the little fish in one time, however. No, the animation studio had to slip him in there a whopping three separate times, in three different places and in varying forms! He appears as a poster on the wall in one shot, and as a toy held by Bo in another. He is seen inside a child’s room in yet another shot.

Doc Hudson From Cars Appears in The Incredibles


Doc Hudson, the famous racing hero from Cars appears in The Incredibles, as an innocent bystander while Mr. Incredible saves the day. He is missing his white eyes, but his distinctive blue body and inverted “V” grille with the red logo on top are unmistakeable.

Dug the Dog From Up, in Ratatouille


Made famous later on in the movie Up, “Dug” the dog makes a cameo appearing for a fleeting second as a shadow in Ratatouille. In the scene, Remmy the rat is running away from imminent danger, being chased by a pet dog. That dog is very distinctly “Dug” from the movie Up.

Ironman Plot Revealed in Urdu in Opening Scene


In the beginning of the first Ironman movie, Tony Stark’s captors are speaking a foreign language, which is later revealed to be Urdu. Pepper eventually discovers a copy of the video with subtitles that had been sent to Obadiah as a ransom video. It is when we watch this video with Pepper that we discover Obadiah had actually betrayed Stark and given him over to his captors. However, because Urdu is a real language, those who speak it are actually given a major plot spoiler in the very beginning of the movie, because the translation we receive in the end of the movie is actually a literal translation of what was said in that opening scene by the captors in Urdu.

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