5 Hilariously Funny Local TV Commercials That Never Should Have Aired

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Most big companies have tons of money to spend on the production of the TV commercials they create. Not so with local smaller businesses. Hilariously bad TV commercials produced by small local companies are a fairly common occurrence all over the world, and fortunately for us, they may not sell many products, but at least they’re fun to watch!


Here are five commercials so ridiculous, they never should have aired.

Norton Furniture Is Here For You!

Cullman Liquidation Center – Don’t Buy From Us – We Don’t Care!

The Credit Mac Daddy

Mongomery Flea Market – It’s Just Like, Just Like A Mini-Mall!

Antiques R Us! – Insane!

Now, money isn’t everything, you know. Taste also plays a big part. Unfortunately, these businesses seem to have been severely lacking in that department as well!

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  1. Katie, 4 years ago Reply

    Cullman Liquidation Center was done by Rhett and Link. They make intentionally cheesy local commercials. They’re the two guys on the end at the right at the end of the commercial.

    Look them up on youtube.

  2. Nex, 3 years ago Reply

    The last one is a spoof commercial. The prefix 555 on a phone number denotes a fake number to be used in entertainment. No area actually has that included.

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