5 People Who Got Famous Because of YouTube

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Let’s face it; YouTube sucks you in, it is a vortex of fascinating videos, some awesome, some awesomely disturbing! Below are the top 5 people who got famous (warranted or not) strictly through YouTube. Enjoy!

#5 David After The Dentist

Do you remember David? This video skyrocketed on YouTube when his dad posted up this post-dental video. Comments skyrocketed too; ranging from kind, to downright hateful. Anyone give kudos for the guy actually taking his kid to the dentist? Sheesh!

#4 Charlie Bit Me

Amazingly enough, “Charlie Bit My Finger” now has a Wikipedia page. This video is not only viral, but super-cute! The thing that amazed me most, is the older boy doesn’t get angry at the baby. If it were me and my brother, he’d a smacked me… yeah, nice guy… But little Charlie, he’s got a good big brother!

#3 Star Wars Kid

Wow… moves and sound effects… The latest comment on this video is: “The virgin is strong in this one. hmmmmmmmm.” Oh yeah, ‘nuf said.

#2 Girl Crying Over Justin Bieber

Millions fell in love with Cody, the little girl who fell in love with Justin, over 12 million, in fact! Even Bieber took notice, and with Jimmy Kimmel‘s help, Justin Bieber got to meet his future wife… well, little Cody thinks so anyway! Embedding is disabled for the original Girl Crying video; see it HERE

#1 Justin Bieber

The mini-powerhouse of music, Justin Bieber grew wicked-fast into fame on youtube. I (like pretty much everyone else) have been hearing the name Justin Bieber for a while now. He’s become so popular that he has fans and haters!

Justin before he was famous

Justin with fame and a hair flip…

Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and YouTube… in the beginning, no one thought they would be anything more than another way to waste your time… I would write more, but my video camera just finished charging; gotta run!

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  1. Don, 5 years ago Reply

    nr1: song only got a few million viewers, and nr3 got more then 150M …

  2. Lutfi, 5 years ago Reply

    Where’s ijustine? I rather watch her than justin bieber

  3. woman, 5 years ago Reply

    singer the legend justin bieber

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  5. Josh, 5 years ago Reply

    Whoever did their research on this fails. Star Wars Kid was Pre-YouTube by YEARS. Which is millenia in internet time.

    Way to fail author.

  6. Datruth, 5 years ago Reply

    Souljaboy tell em made it on you tube!

  7. ...love Maegan, 5 years ago Reply

    lol…it’s crazy that Justin Bieber refers to Boys to Men as “older groups” and linked them in with Stevie Wonder …lol. Oh kids ;) so cute! I had no idea the Bieb was discovered on youtube. love it.

  8. drew marcum, 4 years ago Reply

    ah ha, this is what i need to do to get famous, gotcha

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  10. JUSTIN BIEBER FAN #1, 3 years ago Reply

    OMG I love Justin Bieber so much!!!! I want his body.

  11. katalog seo, 3 years ago Reply

    I think this comment was disliked by the dentists

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