5 Surfaces You Should Avoid When a Date is Heating Up

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We’ve all been there – after a few dates, it’s time to really get romantic in order to take the budding relationship to the next level. There are a lot of factors to consider when planning the next romantic outing, and a big one that is often overlooked is various surfaces and fabrics.  Some of these need to be considered before the date starts, and others for when the date is already in progress and, ahem, “heating up”. Attention to detail, my friends.

  • Wear touchable fabrics

Getting dressed for a date is an important consideration. And strategically wearing fabrics that are “touchable” is a good way to increase the level of flirtation. Now, what are “touchable” fabrics? Things like satin, velvet, and cotton are good examples of fabrics that invite touch. Leather, sequins, and studs tend to send out a “get away from me” vibe, so keep that in mind.

  • Be comfortable on the date

It’s likely that this is date number 3 or 4, and there might be some pressure to do something “special”. Now, “special” is different for every person, so keep that in mind when planning the date event. Don’t plan an uncomfortable ride or a bar where there’s standing room only – plan a place where everyone can sit and talk. Maybe plan a secluded booth in the back of a nice restaurant or a short walk around a park (as long as everyone’s dressed appropriately, of course).

  • Snuggle up

If the date brings the couple back to one or the other’s apartment, it’s time to consider what is going to happen. For example, sitting together on the couch while watching a movie or TV show is a good way to convey closeness and a desire for contact. Slouching into separate bean bag chairs might send a different message. So remember that seating arrangements count when invited up for coffee.

  • Socks

Now, if things get steamy and clothes get removed, make sure to ditch the socks at some point. It’s just good practice to not end up at the end of the night being naked except for socks. Now, I love socks – just not in the bedroom. If it is warm enough and the date will allow it, just ditch the socks all together and rock flip-flops or sandals.

  • Stay off the counters

I’m not kidding. It is fine if a little somethin’-somethin’ starts in the kitchen and ends up on the counter, but really, that’s only sexy in movies. If the kisses and so on progress, get to the bed or the couch. And don’t just hop down on the floor, because rug burn isn’t fun for anyone.  Don’t feel like it can’t be an amazing experience if it isn’t in some odd place – there’s nothing worse than being distracted in the moment because there’s an appliance in an awkward spot.


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