Absolutely INSANE Mountain Bikers Ride Inches From Death

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Extreme biking

Just when you thought you’d seen it all… In this video some European mountain bikers brave a trail so high, so steep, and so narrow, there is literally no room for them to put their feet if they stop the bike in some places! They ride full speed on tiny paths, on sheer rock faces, and over tiny wooden bridges. It’s completely insane!

The trail winds through the mountainside, just a few inches from steep cliffs descending hundreds of feet to the rocky mountain stream and waterfalls below. In many places, the trail consists of only an 18-inch-wide strip of boards that has been constructed by some insane construction workers (also mountain bikers?) who built it into the mountainside.

Some people who have seen this video said they had to turn it off after the first minute because they almost threw up in fear and dizziness. Our experiences haven’t been quite that dramatic, but we’d say this is one of the scarier mountain biking videos we’ve seen in quite a while!

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