Awesome Gadgets That Put The Cool Into Back-to-School

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Every year at this time kids across the globe uncover their bed heads from sleeping in, dust off their alarm clocks, and realize that begging their rents’ to stay up late becomes void. They retire their summer gear to hibernation and the dreaded nervous pit of a new school year formulates within their stomachs.

Yep, it’s – BACK-TO-SCHOOL TIME! You can hear parents across the world rejoice!

Kids, just because it’s time to sit in worn out seats your parents probably sat in and spending eight hours a day on a regulated schedule, doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style and have fun.

Here are 10 cool back-to-school gadgets for 2010.

Whether you’re in Kindergarten or College we have something here for every student…

1. The Star Wars Stormtrooper Back Buddy

Chances are your parents loved Star Wars and have passed that geek hat down to you (F.Y.I – Geek is the new cool) so that means you will look uber awesome sporting the Star Wars Stormtropper Back Buddy down the hallways at your school. This unique knapsack will have you standing out from the ordinary and will make a great conversation piece for making friends. Shine on little light saber and may the force be with you on your first day back-to-school.

2. Clocky

Waking up on time is difficult for you teens out there, especially after your summer hiatus but parents have no fear, Clocky is here! This innovative alarm clock will have your student’s never missing class again. It goes beyond looking futuristic; it will actually wake you up, literally! If this alarm clock goes off and you go back to zzzville it will jump off your night table from apprx. 3 feet and run around your room until you pop out of bed.

3. The Chargepod

We know you have all the latest gadgets from your iPod, cell phone, gaming system and beyond, so you need a multi-device charger to stay looking hip and stylish – No more cluttered desk or searches for outlets. A great way to clean up your homework area is to rid of the wiry mess. The Chargepod is the perfect back-to-school request that will look awesome next to your laptop and keep your gadgets charged and organized. Lets face it, various outlets is sooo two-thousand and late.

4. The Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

What time is it Mr. Wolf? Its lunchtime and time to rid of bullies with these handy – yet gross Anti-Theft Bags – that are created to enhance your lunchtime experience and reduce time spent being bullied. The green splotches on these bags will trick your most hated bully into thinking your lunch has gone bad while you scope out a picnic table of your choosing.

5. Label Attache USB 2.0 Flash Drive

Whether you’re working on a history paper or putting together a science project, you need a place to store all of your talented hard work. Flash drives are a must to go back-to-school with but ones that come with labelers will have classmates begging to be your partner this year. The inexpensive 2GB Label Attaché USB 2.0 Flash Drive comes in an array of colors and labels so you can stay at the top of your class.

6. Back to Basics TEM500 Egg-and-Muffin 2-Slice Toaster and Egg Poacher

No matter your age, students need a nutritious breakfast to start their day right. Your stomach will be full and your brain will thank you when using the Back to Basics TEM500 Egg-and-Muffin 2-Slice Toaster and Egg Poacher. Eggs and toast for breakfast – Oh My! This handy 2-in-1 breakfast machine is great for college dorms, so be the cool kid on campus this year with this hearty machine and receive an A+ from your roommates!

7. Amazon Kindle (Wi-fi Third Generation)

Being a student is never easy and reading a book the old fashioned way is boring for most, but with a refreshed way of reading with an E-Book Reader can ignite the most resistant reader alive. With the Amazon Kindle (Wi-fi Third Generation) you can not only read, but you can add helpful applications that are student oriented to keep you organized and informed.

8. Introducing the NEW Sharpie LIQUID PENCIL

Pencils are making a comeback, well; they never really went away – just shadowed by the almighty laptop. However, having a good pencil is important in being a good student. Pencils are needed to take written tests and less not forget the generational passing around notes in class. Dollar store pencils are passé; you want the NEW Sharpie Liquid Pencil. This liquid graphite gives you the ability to erase a mistake when first written and like a pen, will become permanent over time. So, revamp your pencil case and head back-to-school this year with a pencil everyone will want to borrow.

9. Jetstream P8 Folding Bike

As a student you need transportation to get to and from school and in the fashion of “going green” a bike is ideal for getting you to class today and keeping the earth less polluted for your tomorrow. The Jetstream P8 Folding Bike is a unique way to travel and an ideal bike to store in your locker. This bike was made to resist harsh elements that can occur on sidewalks and roads and once you’ve completed your journey, all you have to do is fold it, that’s right, I said fold it! The Jetstream P8 Folding Bike will be a sure fire way to look ultra cool while driving yourself to school.

10. Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard

Keyboards are clunky gadgets that are needed but often in the way, how about using a Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard this year that connects to more than just a computer but to PDA’s and Smartphones too! Just find a flat service and turn this puppy on to type till you get carpel tunnel or for 120 minutes, which ever comes first. As an added bonus it will fit in your knapsack easier than a physical keyboard and will have your teachers in awe of back-to-school awesomeness.

Don’t let this year be a flop, put away that icky “summer’s over” feeling and slap on a smile for it’s time to shop for gadgets that will have you looking cool as you head back-to-school.

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