Best Performances Ever Seen on America’s Got Talent

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We’ve showed you the worst of America’s Got Talent, and while we were watching all these videos for that post, we couldn’t help but stumble upon some of the greatest performances ever seen on America’s Got Talent.

Some of these teams are absolutely brilliant, and it’s sad that not all of them actually won. In fact, some of the very best performances were actually voted down by judges in the final rounds.

Fortunately for us, they live on on the wonderful world wide web, in all of their YouTube glory for us to enjoy, time and time again!

So, without further ado, here are some of the greatest performances ever to air on America’s Got Talent.

Team iLuminate – Initial Performance

Team iLuminate

Fighting Gravity – Guest Encore Performance

Fighting Gravity – All Performances Compilation

Little Girl – HUGE Voice!

The 11-year Old White Rapper Kid

So don’t think that just because someone judges you poorly, you can’t ever make it into the big leagues. Some of these performers have gone on to become great singers and performers, even after judges said they would not be able to do so!

Follow your heart, be original, be yourself, and do your best. Great things will follow.

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