Celebrities Who Had The Worst Luck In Cosmetic Surgery

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It seems these days the pressure to look perfect is causing many people to turn to cosmetic surgery for a quick fix. A little too often, that quick fix turns into a nip and tuck or multiple rounds of extreme surgery resulting in a complete evolution. Sometimes plastic surgery can make us feel better about ourselves, and other times people take it too far. If done improperly, plastic surgery can lead to scarring, weird deformities, infections, or the need to re-do the area with more plastic surgery causing even greater damage. Many of the celebrities and socialites shown here were born beautiful and unfortunately had one or more cosmetic surgery fails causing them to look really odd and in some cases even awful. Here are the fifteen worst celebrity cosmetic surgery fails we could find.

Priscilla Presley

Surgery Fail: Botox, Check Implants, Facelift, more

Priscilla Presley was one of Hollywood’s elite and most beautiful women. She has always been such a classic beauty and it really was a shame that she received a bad batch of Botox, along with far too many unnecessary cosmetic surgeries. From the photos you can see she is struggling to get back her youthful appearance and now has a slightly distorted looking face, lips that are too plump, a crocked smile, and she apparently has cheek implants that are too large making it difficult for her to even smile.

Amanda Lepore

Surgery Fail: Facelift, Boob job, much more

One of the world’s most famous transsexuals, Amanda Lepore has had more surgery than most people on this list which began with her first plastic surgery at the young age of 15. Now, this lady’s skin, face and body looks more stretched out than a used rubber band. If she continues down this path of destruction she might just end up looking like the joker from Batman in just a few short years.

Tori Spelling

Surgery Fail: Boob Job

America’s favorite 90210 virgin and daughter of TV producer Aaron Spelling always seems to be in the spotlight for something usually relating to her cosmetic surgeries or weight. She has undergone a number of plastic surgeries, some resulting in success, others in utter failure. We think these photos of her botched boob jobs speaks for themselves.

Tara Reid

Surgery botched: Boob Job and Stomach Liposuction

Tara Reid, just in her early 30’s, decided she wanted to attain the perfect body with cosmetic surgery and ended up with a botched boob job followed by botched liposuction. Probably most known for her sweet and sexy look portrayed in the movie “American Pie,” she now has the body of a 50 year old. We can only hope she just doesn’t start messing with her face.

Daryl Hannah

Surgery Fail: Brow Lift, Face Lift

Daryl Hannah was definitely a beauty icon back in the 80’s with her hit movie “Splash” and even maintained her ‘hottie’ factor 20 years later in the movie “Kill Bill.” Unfortunately, now she is barely recognizable. Once a blonde bombshell, she has presently lost her natural beauty and sexy bedroom eyes by getting a failed eye lift, check implants and Botox, what a shame!

Carrot Top

Cosmetic Surgery Fail: Brow Lift, Facial/Body Implants

Scott Thompson, also known as Carrot Top, is one of the most outrageous comedians and not just because of his red hair and odd personal humor. He is another celebrity who succumbed to the pressure of feeling the need to enhance his looks with cosmetic surgery- unfortunately I think this new look backfired on him. He has also had amazing muscle gain mostly likely the result of steroid use along with possible shoulder implants. Reportedly nothing has been confirmed, but his appearance is rather startling.

Pamela Anderson

Surgery Fail: Boob Job

Pamela Anderson has had a number of cosmetic surgeries performed on her throughout the years and most have been in her favor. Unfortunately her latest boob job seems to have exposed some of her previous surgeries scaring resulting in odd dimples and misshaped breasts….not a good look.

Latoya Jackson

Surgery Fail: Nose Job

Following in her brothers footsteps with extreme rhinoplasty, Latoya Jackson is lucky her nose hasn’t fallen off. Countless nose jobs, facial implants, and cosmetic procedures she really looks like a real victim of extreme plastic surgery gone wrong.

Donatella Versace

Surgery Fail: Face Lift, Botox, Lip Injections, Boob job, Cheek Implants

(before/after via)
Another case in which the real thing would have defiantly been better, Donatella has undergone so many cosmetic surgeries she is barely recognizable anymore. Besides her awful tan, platinum blond hair, large wide cheek implants and oddly shaped lips, it’s her chest that definitely gets the epic fail. Her boobs are plump, round, hard and look utterly ridiculous with the rest of her sagging body parts. There comes a time you just have to accept gravity has taken over and be happy with what you’ve got- deny this fact by getting boobs meant for a 20 year old will just make it worse.

Michaela Romanini

Surgery Fail: Lip Injections and Facial Implants

A once gorgeous Italian socialite, Michaela Romanini now looks like a cartoon character and brute of her former self. An extreme addict of lip injects and botox she has some of the largest lips I have ever seen and not a single wrinkle on her face but lots on her neck… it just makes you wonder why they did it in the first place.

Kenny Rogers

Surgery Fail: Eyebrow lift

Singer Kenny Rogers decided looking old wasn’t in the cards for him and went for a radical transformation with his plastic surgery. He got an eyebrow life that was way, way to high- hence the constant surprised look on his face. He actually admitted the fact he regrets getting the surgery but feels hopeful that over time he will regain some of that warmth he once had in his eyes.

Nikki Cox

Surgery Fail: Lip and Check Injections

Nikki Cox was once was a total hottie with everything natural and looking good in all the right places. Well, that was before she started to mess around with plastic surgery. She has obviously had lip injections or perhaps even lip implants and possible check implants or injections as well. Her eyes have become overly tight meaning she probably had an eye lift of sorts and she really looks like a cartoon character straight out of “Who framed roger rabbit.” So sad to see this happen to such a pretty girl and at such a young age.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Surgery Fail: Facelift, Facial Implants, Eye Lifts, more

No cosmetic surgery fail list could be complete without Jocelyn Wildenstein, the queen of plastic surgery. Known as the cat woman, she has allegedly spent almost 4 million on cosmetic surgery over the years and it just keeps getting worse. She has had so many plastic surgery fails that include multiple brow lifts, eyelid/eyebrow surgery, cheek implants, a facelift, lip injections, and chin augmentation. She now resembles a cat more than a human… sad… so sad.

Pete Burns

Surgery Fail: Lip Injections, Nose Job, cheek Implants

The former Dead or Alive front man, Pete Burns has had extensive lip injections, along with cheek implants and several nose jobs. Apparently he spent almost all of his life savings on eighteen months of reconstructive surgery after an incredibly botched lip injection became infected and left him scarred.

Bruce Jenner

Surgery Fail: Nose Job, Eyelift, more.

Step father to the Kardashian sisters, Bruce Jenner did not attain the youthful look he was hoping for with his nose job and numerous cosmetic surgeries. The former tennis champ looks oddly feminine thanks to a botched nose job, facelift and eyelid surgery, as well as possible facial implants.


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    • Rachel, 3 years ago Reply

      Micaela Romanini is obviously suffering from a severe psychological disorder. Why on earth would such a beautiful, femimine woman want to transform herself into what looks like a monstrous man at only forty years of age? She is still young so couldn’t possibly have needed all that surgery. What a shame and what a grotesque waste of money!

    • arose, 3 years ago Reply

      I think most of these people look pretty good for their ages! The over done surgery freaks have gotten just what they deserve!

  2. donatella doucheache, 5 years ago Reply

    It’s spelled cheek, not “check”.

  3. Kill, 5 years ago Reply

    You realize Priscilla Presley is 65 years old right? The broad is baaaangin for 65, seems like you may have added her just as a space filler.

    • gayle, 3 years ago Reply

      Ms. Presley was once lovely; she looks like a horrible caricature of what she used to look like. I fully realize she is 65, but she is not “baggin.” Her poor face looks dreadful; she would have looked far better today if she had simply allowed herself to “grow older gracefully.” Her face is hardly recognizable. I wish she had left her face alone. I know it must be difficult for her to see what the choices she made did to her face.

  4. jbrecken, 5 years ago Reply

    Bruce Jenner was a decathlete, not a tennis player.

    • Pam, 3 years ago Reply

      LOL, I know, right? Duh! I bet they thought it was Jimmy Connors (who doesn’t look like he’s had plastic surgery… Maybe pictures of Connors give us a glimpse of what Jenner might look like without surgery? Connors is a handsome guy for his age).

    • Wilco, 2 years ago Reply

      Thumbs up for fact checking it thing! (This actually made me roll my eyes that they listed him as a tennis player. Are all the people writing this crap under the age of 25?)

  5. Mike Curtis, 4 years ago Reply

    I’m pretty sure Bruce Jenner was an olympic decathalon gold medalist, not a tennis champ.

    • Ray Roslewicz, 3 years ago Reply

      Bruce married into the Kardashian family. What better luck do you need.

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  7. luckynayaka, 4 years ago Reply

    Very tragic and sad what happened to Jocelyn Wildenstein thank you for posting this topic is very useful post for every person before deciding on plastic surgery,http://www.cosmetic-surgery-facial.com

  8. Dave, 4 years ago Reply

    People can be ridiculous, but so are a lot these before and after. You post pictures of people in their teens and early twenties then in their 40s, 50s and 60s

  9. SB, 4 years ago Reply

    People who have nothing to say other than to correct spelling & gramatical errors really tick me off! Get a life moron!

  10. happiness, 4 years ago Reply

    I don’t really know,why people involve them self in this face surgery or plastic surgery.

  11. Rhinoplasty, 4 years ago Reply

    Anything too much is bad and dangerous. I think people should be responsible on their decisions especially towards having cosmetic surgery. Because having cosmetic surgery is like putting tattoo on your face, you cannot redo it if it does work the way you think.

  12. cosmetic surgery melbourne, 3 years ago Reply

    thanks for the list, though i don’t really care when a celebrity have cosmetic surgery done on their face such as face lift surgery. Well, its part of the business to look good all the time or else you will be outrank by new talents that are young and talented. just part of business.

  13. walkingeagle069, 3 years ago Reply

    Sweet Mother of GOD….. Wow i cannot believe how Sad and Tragic this list of photos is…(so much so, that i won’t specify, any names… it seems cruel) but let me say this, i have a strong Stomach and a good appetite…. but i had to push my Supper Away, about half way through the list…… is getting the look of someone who Has Lived well, and Matured into Adulthood A Bad Thing?…. these people Sacrificed Their Dignity, just on the Chance……. the Less than Likely Chance, of Reenacting Youth…… Listen… Please…The Best Is Yet To Come… OK ? Seriously. You Have Grown Up…… Wisdom ! it’s OK to look Like You Have It.

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  15. Josh, 3 years ago Reply

    but the most awful luck is with Jocelyn Wildenstein

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  19. Mauricio Galdino de Araujo Silva, 3 years ago Reply

    Kenny Rogers nao mudou nada

  20. nikki cox plastic surgery, 3 years ago Reply

    It was very interesting!

  21. Jade, 3 years ago Reply

    Donatella has skin like a WELL COOKED CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!! The nude shot I mean…….
    I am so glad I don’t go out in the sun EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. jessica benson, 3 years ago Reply

    Most you guys go through dis pains jst to luck good? I think no. Pls u guys shld stop it the maker God who created us did nt do wrony. Leave well and age gracefully u guys shld stop changing parts of your body it was that same body that made you guys wat u are why changing it you guys shld nt let money control u, may God have mercy on us kim stop wat u r doing to ursellf noting mark dis noting last 4ever use ur time well it is well in JESUS name.

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  24. SB_Australia, 3 years ago Reply

    It’s not bad LUCK, it’s just shit awful friends & family! If someone I loved was thinking about plastic surgery I would be first in line to tell them that they are gorgeous & don’t need to get hacked about by a butcher with a degree…

  25. anon, 3 years ago Reply

    The darryl hannah one is so unfair, she was caught “making a face”, probably subconsciously and the before pick is like 20 years ago: we’re just talking old age here. Plastic surgery should be banned except for special cases and certain doctors.

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  27. Plastic Surgery Pics, 3 years ago Reply

    oh all celebrities looks horrible.Nice work though,keep posting :)

  28. Mary Ellen, 3 years ago Reply

    I Think The AMA Should Revoke all the licenses of these Physicians Who Perform This Alwfull Butchering, Never to Practice again, never to pick up a scapel unless it is to make Paper Dolls Its a Shame So Much destruction these drs have ruined many peoples lives and that deserves Punishment

  29. Dee, 3 years ago Reply

    You know what scares me? These folks have money to go to the best, and look at these blotched up jobs!

  30. Call Me Shallow If You Will « Spirit Lights The Way, 2 years ago Reply

    [...] to change its cover with plastic surgery and ends up looking like a comic book character . . . or worse. Art by Doug Mahnke (Source: Wikipedia ~ Joker [...]

  31. nobodyspecial, 2 years ago Reply

    What they should do is publish the name and location of the butchers that do this quality of work. That would be helpful rather than just trying to shock.

  32. Plastic Surgery UK, 2 years ago Reply

    Amanda Lepore/Donatella Versace what happened to them they were look much better before the surgery feel sad for those ladies. Money is not a point Dee. Point is which surgical clinic is good. And which surgeon is going to give your new look.

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