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There are a couple of related YouTube channels that offer really easy and fun – and often pretty hilarious – guides to pronouncing various words in English, including names of famous people that are hard to pronounce. Of course, this is fantastic because it would be absolutely embarrassing to loudly and completely botch the name of some famous celebrity in a group of friends at a party.

The Pronunciation Book channel helps you pronounce words correctly, like these:

Similarly, it would be really embarrassing to mispronounce some very ordinary but often mispronounced word in the middle of a critical job interview. These YouTube channels not only show you the correct spelling of the word, but also how to pronounce it.

The Pronunciation Manual Channel, on the other hand, is all about humor. Here are some of their videos:

Of course, once you go down the road of pronouncing names, its only a matter of time before sarcasm and humor gets involved, and these channels certainly don’t fall short on that count either!

Get ready for some laughs, mixed in with a little learning!

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