Insane Dirt-bike Ride On Mountain Summits in Snow

Posted by By Justin at 30 January, at 10 : 18 AM Print

It’s one thing to take your dirt bike down to the local motocross track and go for a spin. It’s another thing to take it down some gnarly trails in the mountains. But almost nobody – except for this guy – would think to take their dirt bike into terrain normally reserved for people in crampons and mountain-climbing gear.

According to the rider, he actually created some homemade stud tires for his dirt bike that would allow him to get enough traction in the insane snow and rocks lining these mountain ridges and summits. Of course, he needed proof of this daredevil endeavor, so he wore a helmet cam while riding the gnarly ridges – and then shared the awesome footage on YouTube for us all to see.


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