Luxurious Treehouses That’ll Make You Drool

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Every kid at some point probably had a fantasy about building the most epic treehouse ever in which they could hide away from the world, their parents, and deny all form of responsibility. Set out with a vision, a few old wood planks and a wooden platform they removed from the wall of their parents garage, the epic treehouse more than likely ended in a cold and fairly unstable hideaway beneath the sticky sap dripping leaves. Not at all what they’d envisioned, yet it was theirs. Imagine being able to do it over again and do it right (or have someone else do it for you). Owning a luxury tree house is no longer a fantasy but a reality and the lucky ones have a nicer pad than one could even imagine.

Alnwick Gardens Tree house

Starting with the world’s largest and most expensive tree house, the Alnwick Garden house with a building cost of roughly 7 million is a creative monster of a ‘fort in the trees’ and something that would make any kid scream with joy. Belonging to Lord Northumberland and located on the grounds of Alnwick Gardens, this 6,000 square foot tree house stands approximately 56 feet above the ground and even includes a restaurant for visitors to dine in.

A Fairytale Treehouse Castle

A true fairytale of a kids play structure, this luxurious treehouse includes a solid oak arched window, a beautiful spiral staircase that takes you to a lookout point on top, and a gorgeous wooden interior comparable to a cottage in the Hamptons. For some additional fun and excitement the kids can make a quick exit with the 45 meter zip wire!

The Highlife Tree house

This chic and modern treehouse is a real luxurious family home in the sky. It features two separate spaces, one for the children and one for the adults with a canopy walkway connecting the two. The Tree homes come complete with a custom kitchen, bathroom, and a large living area for entertaining. The children’s treehouse has a games room with media center, and a cool zip wire for quick escape.

Mistle Toe Lodge- Amberley Castle Tree house

Looking for romance in a house atop the trees? This beautiful and luxurious treehouse is situated among the Poplar trees at von Essen’s Amberley Castle in Sussex. Inside the treehouse is pure elegance with custom lighting and a gorgeous oak floor. It is the first treehouse in the UK to be licensed for weddings. It is also used as a hideaway for hotel guest, but obviously serves a number of different functions.

The James Bond Tree house

If you were to imagine the type of tree house James Bond would want… this is it! This luxurious treehouse is designed to accommodate some of the most spectacular high-tech gadgets ever. What type of gadgets might James Bond need? How about a state-of-the-art biometric security system, fingerprint locks and a CCTV system which controls five night vision cameras to take still shots or video footage of any intruders. The inside of this treehouse is just as amazing and with every comfort in mind, including a kitchenette, bathroom, and complete media room- plasma screen TV included.

San Diego Treehouse

This 1000 square foot treehouse is a home no doubt with a full bath, kitchen, running water, spacious decks, a brick and stone fireplace and washer/dryer (ack, responsibility built into the tree house!). It was constructed as a weekend cabin for a retired couple and we are more than a bit jealous of this one.

Abingdon Tree House

This two story 300 square-foot treehouse is environmentally friendly and includes all the complete comforts of a home you could need. Made of a variety of types of reclaimed wood, this amazing treehouse is situated in a pin oak near the Holston River. A fabulous hideout with a full kitchen, bedroom, bathroom (hot water!), and fireplace, this luxurious treehouse definitely has it all.

Cedar Creek Tree house

The Cedar Creek Treehouse is another environmentally friendly home which is privately owned and used as a mountain retreat, located near Mount Rainier National Park. They offer a unique treehouse bed and breakfast style lodging in a cottage 50 feet from the ground. Nestled in a 200-year old Western Red Cedar tree, this tree house offers spectacular mountain views from its observation deck- truly a luxury and an experience.

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  1. Cambridge Mortgage, 5 years ago Reply

    Yeah, the James Bond version looks real comfy and the adult High Life tree house awesome especially when stocked well.

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  3. mor, 5 years ago Reply

    Amazing! unbelievable that this is treehouse, it looks like a hotel room

  4. Pete Nelson, 5 years ago Reply

    These are all great Treehouses! Love this post!

    Pete Nelson

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