Paradise On Earth: 20 Amazing Places You’ve Got To See

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The world is filled with so much splendor and so many incredible places, yet we often forget this beauty is there. Due to our busy lives and comfortably modern lifestyles we neglect to see what the world truly has to offer when it comes to locations of utter and natural beauty. We get blinded by our shiny watches, mesmerized by our fun gadgets, and forget there is real paradise waiting beyond that 12 story brick building that blocks our view.

Look at the places below and you will surely find paradise on earth existing. There are far more places than what is listed below, and perhaps this list is a bit biased as our paradise may be different than yours, yet we still believe you will find something spectacular, perhaps even feel a longing when you view the images below of the most amazing places you have just got to see.

1. Blue Grotto Cave, Italy

The Blue Grotto sea cave off the coast of the Island of Capri is a natural cave structure with crystal clear blue water that is so amazing you will feel as though you are actually in paradise. The blue reflection is caused by sunlight that passes through a cavity underwater and accentuates the waters color.

2. Victoria Waterfalls, Southern Africa

The largest sheet of falling water in the world, the Victoria Waterfalls has a width of 1.7 km and height of 108 meters. An incredible view and sound, these spectacular waterfalls are breathtaking.

3. Santorini Island, Greece

A small volcanic island off the southeast coast of Greece’s main island, Santorini (Thira) offers the most amazing views in the world. The island overlooks the deep blue sparkling sea, and delivers breathtaking views and sunsets you have to see to believe.

4. French Alps, France

With one of the most beautiful sceneries in the world, the French Alps offer views of the alpine mountains, lakes and river valleys. Take a view off one of the scariest bridges ever from Europe’s highest mountain, Mont Blanc.

5. Bora Bora Island, French Polynesia

This pearl of the pacific, Bora Bora is a place for those searching for true heaven. The beauty of the lagoon is without equal and offers you a chance to experience something incredible.

6. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef off the east coast of Australia is the world’s largest coral reef. An underwater paradise, this reef is home to a variety of sea life and amazing observations.

7. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is one of the many islands of Indonesia and one of the most beautiful with is glorious nature, culture, and remarkable sea views.

8. Galapagos, Ecuador

The Galapagos Islands are a group of volcanic islands and a protected part of Ecuador’s national park system. Well known for their large number of exotic animals, it’s an amazing experience in paradise.

9. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is one paradise that offers a bit of everything, magnificent mountains, shining sea views, and lush forests, make this one of the most amazing places on earth.

10. The Dead Sea (Israel, Jordan, Palestine)

The Dead Sea is a salt lake between the West Bank/Palestine/Israel to the west and Jordan to the east. It is the saltiest sea on the planet which contains no animal or plant life (hence the dead) but an amazing sight to be seen.

11. Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu in Peru, created a long time ago by the Inca tribe, it is considered to be a sacred place. Beautiful ruins speckle the landscape creating amazing views and a powerful attraction.

12. Amazon Rainforest, South America

The Amazon rainforest spans over a billion acres and makes itself home to huge number of planets and animals, many of which are endangered and even undiscovered. One of the most majestic places on the planet, this paradise is awe-inspiring and magnificent.

13. The Himalayas, Asia

Home to Mount Everest and K2, the Himalayas are awesome in size and views, truly a glorious vision to take in.

14. Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa

An inactive stratovolcano in the north-eastern Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest free-standing and the 4th largest mountain in the world. A vision of beauty and astonishing nature, you could call this paradise at any height.

15. Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

A true paradise of white sandy beaches and beautiful clear blue water, the Mamanuca Islands are picturesque.

16. Sahara Desert

Perhaps not favorable in mid-day heat, the Sahara Desert offers a simple pleasure of amazing night sky views that are incomparable to anywhere in the world.

17. Ayers Rock/ Uluru, Australia

Ayers rock is the world’s largest monolith, and known as a sacred place for the Aborigines. A glorious and impressive structure, it is truly an extraordinary sight.

18. Crane Beach, Saint Philip, Barbados

Ranked one of the world’s most amazing beaches, and distinguished for its famous pink sand is undeniable bliss at Crane Beach in Barbados. Glorious paradise at its finest, you can’t help but think you are truly in heaven.

19. Lake Baikal, Russia

The world’s deepest and oldest lake, Lake Baikal is home to roughly 1700 plant and animal species, many of them native to only the area. Mountains encircle the lake making for striking visual views and a breathtaking experience.

20. Maldives, Republic of Maldives

The Maldives is an island in the Indian Ocean formed by a chain of 26 atolls. Another beach paradise, this unspoiled tropical island is covered in palm trees and pure white beaches surrounded by striking blue lagoons and wide open views of the sea.

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  1. Miita, 4 years ago Reply

    they all look nice and i like them…all..i wish i will be there soon..

    • Miita, 4 years ago Reply

      i really really like them…and i wish i could be there someday…with the man i love the most…

  2. Sitto Joseph, 3 years ago Reply

    I wish you include kerala backwaters too……………..

  3. Abhilash, 3 years ago Reply

    Taj mahal must be included in the list in top spot….

  4. kashif, 3 years ago Reply

    very very most beautiful place in the world i am so impressd

  5. vehicle2Hire UK, 3 years ago Reply

    such a nice places, I am waiting for the time when i’ll be there…and i can upload my photos lying on those beaches playing in the water….and having all the fun…

  6. rohini, 3 years ago Reply

    manikaran and rohtang must be included to show the beauty of Indai.

  7. Junee Tandukar, 3 years ago Reply

    Yah,really the paradise is on the earth.We just have to look around.

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