Send Christmas and New Years Cards From Your iPhone With These Apps

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The holidays are going full-swing right now, and things are crazy and hectic, with people running around like crazy trying to get everything done at the last minute. Making or buying cards takes time and money, and thanks to technology, we now have a much easier alternative. You can send beautifully designed and made cards from your iPhone with a few taps, and have them delivered directly to the people you love.

So, without further ado, here are some of our favorite card-sending apps!

Cards, by Apple

Apple cards app

Cards is a simple app that lets you pick a photo from your library and place it in a nice card layout that Apple’s professional designers have provided. You can then customize the message inside, and choose the to and from addresses. The app charges your iTunes account $2.99 and mails the card in a nice envelope with the addresses “handwritten” on the front of the envelope, complete with a nice looking stamp and free tracking. They even send a push notification to your iPhone when the card is delivered!

All national cards are $2.99, and you can send a card to any other country in the world for $5.99.

Sincerely Ink

Sincerely Ink App Cards 1

Even more affordable than Apple’s own offering, Sincerely Ink has a really fantastic and beautiful selection of card designs to choose from.

IMG 3518 PNG scaled1000

The cost to send a card from Sincerely Ink is just $1.99 to anywhere in the U.S., and just $2.99(!) to send a card to anywhere else in the world.

Holiday cards by sincerely ink 1 7

Another great thing about this app is that it’s universal, which means it works on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad equally well. All of the apps on this list should work perfectly on the iPod Touch or iPhone, but Sincerely Ink is the best one for the iPad.

Christmas New Year amp Hanukkah cards too

Additionally, Sincerely Ink is available for Android!

Bulk pricing is available for those of you who need to send lots of cards at one time, which is a feature we wish would be included in all of these great apps.


110426 postagram 001

From the creators of Sincerely Ink, comes another great app for making and sending custom cards from your iPhone – Postagram.


Based on and tightly integrated with the immensely popular Instagram photo-sharing service, Postagram enables you to pick any photo from your Instagram gallery and use it as the basis for a real-life postcard. You can then type a special message to appear on the back of the postcard, choose the destination address, and have it mailed to your friend or loved one, all for just $.99!

One really fantastic feature of Postagram is that the photo is actually removable from the postcard! This lets your friends or family members take out the photo you sent them and keep it, even after the postcard has shown its age. This really unique feature, combined with its great prices and terrific ease of use, puts Postagram a cut above the other postcard sending services out there.

All of these apps can easily be used from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you can get a signal on your iPhone, which is fantastic. They are all also competitively priced enough to allow you to rule out Hallmark and other old-fashioned card stores, saving you time, gas money, and the inconvenience of dealing with all the cards yourself, so you have more time to spend with friends and family!

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