Simple Tips for Sprucing Up Bare Walls

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Stark, bare walls can be a complete feng shui downer. However, thinking of a drab wall as a clean canvas with infinite possibilities and trying out these quick decorating tips will help to realize that canvas’ full potential.

  • Paint

Perhaps the most straightforward and obvious way to change the appearance of a wall is to paint it. It isn’t even necessary to paint an entire room. Often, accent walls in a favorite color have more impact as they play off the clean slate of the other walls. A quick trip to the local hardware store provides all the tools for adding that splash of color and charm.

  • Temporary wallpaper

If painting seems a little too tedious, if one color isn’t going to rock the boat enough, or maybe if paint is too permanent (even not allowed for some renters), then check out temporary wallpaper. Traditional wallpaper has a bit of a bad rap for being kitschy and hard to remove. However, there are patterns galore available online now from soft and delicate to bold statement makers. The temporary factor makes it easy to apply and to take down whenever that particular stylistic vein has run its course.

  • Tapestries

Fabric isn’t just for furniture and tapestries aren’t just for medieval castles. Really colorful, intricate designs can be found on thin fabrics meant for hanging on walls at relatively low cost. This is a quick and easy way to add some scenery to a bare wall without painting, adhering, or framing.

  • Pictures

It is fairly easy and cheap to order prints of all the digital memories that exist in smart phones, Facebook accounts, and online albums. Printing these and popping them up with some two-sided tape is a super quick way to add personality and presence to a bare wall. Arranging them in interestingly-shaped collages also takes up space and highlights the good ol’ times center stage.

  • Frames and Antiques

There are many options for photo collage frames as well, but sometimes these can run a little pricey. Trolling a flea market, garage sale, or consignment shop for some hidden treasures such as antique frames or war-era posters is a neat alternative that offers some history and creative flair.

  • Mirrors

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes and often have frames that are decorative pieces themselves. Mirrors placed to reflect a focal point within a room also create depth and the illusion of more space while enhancing both natural and artificial lighting.

Decorating lonely walls can brighten a home. While not everyone has access to an interior designing guru, it’s fairly simple to spruce up a wall and infuse any space with more personality, creativity, comfort, and style.


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