Stupid Is As Stupid Does: How Online Universities Can Transform Etiquette Ignorance into Social Intelligence

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Celebrities are not typically known for their intelligence, yet exceptions to the rule do exist. Geena Davis is a member of Mensa. James Woods went to MIT and has an IQ of 180. However, most celebrities are more like Hugh Grant or Winona Ryder; they pick up prostitutes and shoplift from stores even when they have beautiful girlfriends or millions of dollars in the bank. Even more common are celebrities saying stupid things.

Case in point?

Paris Hilton’s musing, “What’s Wal-Mart? Do they sell, like, wall stuff?” Closing in at a close second to Hilton’s stupidity is the current queen of reality television, Kim Kardashian. Kardashian has had her moments in the stupidity sun as well. For one, she made a sex tape with former boyfriend Ray J that was leaked to public and viewed by millions of people. Just last year she got married and then filed for divorce 72 days later. Now she has once again proven her stupidity by saying on national television that Indian food is “disgusting.” Way to instantaneously insult over one billion people, Kim. Given that Kardashian has created her livelihood by being in the public eye virtually around the clock, one would think that perhaps she would have refined her sensibilities regarding what to say on TV, but obviously that’s not the case. Also obvious is that this woman never went to college. While some kinds of intelligence cannot be taught, colleges and online accredited universities can help students learn particular social graces.

Unfortunately for Kardashian and other celebrities who say and do stupid things that will live on forever in the gossip rags and on the Internet, they could have avoided these PR blunders with a college degree in public relations. Higher education isn’t merely about going to class and getting your diploma. It’s also about giving brash and ignorant freshmen the opportunity to grow into thoughtful and wizened seniors. Regardless of whether young adults decide to attend a traditional institution or take accredited online courses, college allows them the time and experience to learn the social etiquette needed just a few years down the road when they leave school for their professional careers.

The transformation may begin even before a student takes his first college class, as programs such as Charm School for the College-Bound cater toward turning high schoolers with crude social manners into polished and professional college scholars. Yet without this training ground for developing one’s social etiquette, a person can become stunted and locked into a juvenile state of mind where anything goes without accountability or remorse. Given that so many celebrities do not ever attend college of any kind, it’s no surprise that they don’t have the social awareness to speak and act in public with a greater sense of decorum.

The odds are good both that Kardashian will never go to college and that sometime in the near future she will once more behave in an ignorant fashion with no regard as to how stupid it may look or how insulting it can be to others. So let this be a learning lesson for us all. Colleges and online accredited universities give students more than just a degree; they allow individuals to escape the downward spiral of stupidity that Kim Kardashian and celebrities like her having been riding for years.

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  1. SB_Australia, 3 years ago Reply

    I think that, in order to be a celebrity & buy into that B/S world you need to be semi-retarded in order to not go completely insane! I am especially pointing the finger at “reality” television here because I know from personal experience (getting trapped watching Jersey Shore while too sick to get up & the remote was out of reach) that I can feel myself getting stupider with every word uttered by the “stars” of these shows!

    There are going to be exceptions to the rule & these exceptions probably find themselves wondering sometimes why they are there but I doubt very much that you will find Geena Davis or James Woods popping up next to Snookie or a Kartrashian on “reality” TV!

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