The 5 Top Movies To See Christmas Break 2011

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With all the extra time off so many of us have on Christmas, there’s plenty of time for some holiday movie releases with family and friends. As usual, a ton of great films have been released this holiday season, and we’ve got the top 5 films to get you started!

Arthur Christmas Directed By Sarah Smith

Arthur Christmas

Arthur Christmas hasn’t been out long, but has already been hailed as one of the best releases of the season. Arthur is Santa’s son. Emerging from the new high-tech 21st century North Pole workshop, the boy is tasked with a special operation that must be completed before Christmas morning. Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer also plays a starring role.

Happy Feet 2

Happy Feet 2 may appear at first glance to be a kids movie, but adults will be surprised to see the cast who make all those penguins talk and sing – a star-studded assembly including Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Pink and many more.


With a truly unusual plot and cast, this fantasy-adventure flick is one to check out. The story follows a boy living on the streets in 1930s-era Paris, France, who takes care of the clocks and steals for a living. He eventually finds himself caught up in a plot involving an eccentric girl, an old toy shop owner, and a broken robot.

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas

Seen in 3D, this movie may just be another over-hyped gimmick. Take away the 3D and just focus on the film itself, and you’ll actually find some great laughs throughout. Kai Penn has returned to showbiz from being Barack Obama’s director of public engagement to co-star in this comedy for the Christmas season.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 2

Lastly, the latest installment in the Twilight saga makes for a great movie-going experience, if you’re into the series, of course. This is the first part of the culmination of the 4-book series, with the final installment expected to drop sometime next year. Fans are sure to love it. Non-fans, well, you already know how you feel about this one without going to see it.

Arthur christmas

Any or all of these movies should make for a really enjoyable experience for those of you movie-going on Christmas break this year. Have fun, and Merry Christmas!

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