The Best X-Factor Auditions From Around The World

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Cheryl Crow X Factor

Yesterday, you saw some of the worst America’s Got Talent videos ever to air. We had a good time finding all of those people who really thought they were good enough to be on national TV. But the question remains… what happens when they actually are?

Today, we bring you some of the greatest auditions to air on X-Factor, from around the world. These contestants hail from Australia, the US, Holland, and all over the world. They represent some of the most talented new musicians of this decade, and here they are.

Best of X-Factor Miami & Dallas 2011

Best of X-Factor Holland 2011

Best of X-Factor Australia 2011 (Tara Lynn Sharrock’s Audition)

Melanie Amaro’s Audition – “Listen” by Beyonce

Drew Ryniewicz (crazed Justin Beiber Fan) – Audition 1 at X-Factor USA 2011

Lascel Woods’ Audition – X-Factor U.K. 2011

We hope you’ve enjoyed watching some of these great auditions. We know we sure did. Perhaps the biggest thing we can learn from this is that just because certain people are famous and others aren’t, that absolutely does not mean the famous people are the only talented ones out there, or even the most talented. There are people all over the world who have been ignored or simply never discovered, and there are countless thousands more just waiting to be found.

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