The Explosion of the Angry Birds Empire

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When Angry Birds was first released, no one could have predicted the amount of attention and world-wide fame it would achieve. But it grew from a simple smartphone game to an empire.

Today you can find Angry Birds just about everywhere you look, a takeover that happened seemingly overnight. Perhaps the game was released in the right place at the right time, but incredible success has meant millions of fans and what can only be called an empire of extended games and merchandise.

Try to think of a more popular smartphone game than Angry Birds. It’s hard to do. Since its release back in December 2009, the game has made its way onto just about everyone’s iPhone, iPad, Android, and even PC. The premise is simple: players use a slingshot to launch various types of birds at pigs and the structures around them in order to clear the level.

A number of upgrades and alternate versions have been added to the classic game, including new levels based on holidays like Halloween and Christmas.

Beyond the wildly popular original

If more than 12 million downloads of the game isn’t impressive enough, Angry Birds has gone on to inspire dozens of other products and games. In addition to the initial smartphone game, there have been spin-off versions and a version called Bad Piggies in which you can adopt the role of the antagonistic pigs from classic version.

And Angry Birds isn’t just found on the touchscreen. There are a number of Angry Birds books based on the game as well as clothing, toys, and even a physical board game … all inspired by the now iconic flying heroes.

It’s nearly impossible to go out in public or check in on pop culture and miss the game’s influence. This fairly simple smartphone app has had an incredible impact on other media.

Angry Birds has been referenced in sitcoms, talk shows, magazines, commercials, and probably some of your own personal conversations (not to mention your iPhone screen), and it has inspired countless videos and other works of art. Whether you personally play Angry Birds or not, you can probably respect the many places in our culture that this game has managed to infiltrate.

What’s next for the Angry Birds franchise

You may be a fan of classic Angry Birds, or one of the many themed games like Angry Birds Rio or Angry Birds Space. One of the most popular versions is undoubtedly the Angry Birds Star Wars, released in late 2012. It lets players immerse themselves in the Star Wars universe with characters and levels inspired by the original movie trilogy.

A new Angry Birds Star Wars game is to be released soon, this time with characters and worlds from the prequel trilogy. Along with the release of this one, fans can expect even more Angry Birds games and toys to be released in the coming months, including a new version of the game, this time a racing-style game called Angry Birds Go.

It’s clear that the Angry Birds franchise is only going to get bigger, with more downloads, new fans, and plans for many more games and products in the future. Only time will tell what other games this amazing game paved the way for and what other Angry Birds-inspired works are to come.


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