The Most Awkward and Strange Gadgets of All Time

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New gadgets seem to be popping up all the time to help us make the most of our day and organize our lives. Gadgets can be fun and entertaining and some are just bizarre and make us feel a tad bit uncomfortable. However awkward and strange these gadgets may actually be, some are in fact useful, while others, well… are just strange.

Bandai Tuttuki Bako Virtual Finger Game

If you don’t have enough things in your life to poke and prod, then this device is made just for you. Imagine being able to tickle, poke, and pick a digital person or creature inside a cute little colorful box. A dream come true for some, and a totally freaky gadget for others. In order to play or poke at your digital friend you just stick your finger in the side hole of the box and watch as your finger becomes digitally represented allowing you to play with your new buddy. You can play with your box and hole all day long as there are 5 different ways to enjoy it. You can tickle a human face, train a panda, touch and feel slime (that one scares me), play with strange little creatures, or just use it a clock.

USB Humping Dog

This strange little gadget was created to do nothing else but annoy the crap out of adults and make little kids giggle. This is literally a toy that you plug into your USB port to watch hump your laptop over, and over, and over again. There is no memory and no real use for this odd gadget, it’s a just a good time to be had by all… cigarette anyone? Perhaps this would be a funny Holiday present for the guy in the office no one likes.

The USB Butt Cooler Cushion

A gadget that blows cold air at your butt and privates, wow… actually I am surprised no one invented this earlier, as I have seen my fair share of folks in their cubicles on a hot day with a fan sitting in between their knees- not a vision easily erased. Regardless, you can now sit at your computer and work or play WOW all day long without getting a sore or sweaty butt. I hear the joys of many with this one, but for now I think I will stick with showering on a regular basis and avoiding all day sit-ins on the computer.

Cricket Noise Maker

Ever bombed on that funny joke or told a great story to all your co-workers only to have them sit there in utter and awkward silence? Then this little gadget it what you are looking for as it takes awkward moments and turns them into… well more awkward moments by adding chirping cricket noises! It’s a strange yet cute little gadget you can take with you and use for all of the uncomfortable times in your life.

The Nap Alarm

The Japanese always makes the most unusual gadgets, and this time it’s no exception. A Japanese company has invented a unique device that prevents you from falling asleep. You just place the small mechanism behind your ear and if it senses you falling asleep it vibrates, waking you up. I can actually see a number of valuable safety uses for this device, such as driving, but I am not sure using it to stay awake all night studying or at work is the best thing… ever heard that sleep is really a good thing? Imagine being at a business meeting and the guy next to you is wearing one of these things and freaks out every time he stars to drift off from boredom… a bit on the weird side.

USB Chameleon

Do you get lonely staring at the computer all day long and really wish you could have a pet that would roll his eyes at you and stick its tongue out all day long? What if I told you that you never had to feed him and it would totally make you part of the in crowd at work? Ok, I lied about that last part- but the USB chameleon is real and honestly if your co-workers feel that it’s odd you have a fake pet attached to your computer screen that erratically rolls his eyeballs in weird directions, and sticks his tongue out … oh well, right?

Shock Car Key

This evil gadget is truly pointless and a guaranteed way to piss off your friends, but if you are into that sort of you thing then enjoy the shocking car key that actually shocks your friends. It looks like a standard car key box, yet when they press the unlock button, they get a ‘harmless’ electric shock. Guaranteed to annoy your friends, family, or anyone really and assured to get you some serious dirty looks or a worse, so be prepared.

USB Vacuum

With a USB port you can almost take over the world it seems with all of these useful, unique, and strange gadgets popping up all the time. This fun gadget has to be one of the more unique looking and less useful unless it comes with attachments- doubtful. This cute little device will still get you to clean around your computer and keyboard and make sure things look all nice and spiffy… or you could hire someone else to do it for you. Either way it’s a weird little gadget that serves a bit of a purpose and the fact that it looks like a vacuum cleaner makes it all that much more fun.

Spy Camera Pen

Anything spy related makes me feel a bit strange and awkward as it is. Feeling like big brother is constantly watching and now perhaps our co-workers and neighbors are easily spying on us and recording our self-conscious chameleon loving moves is just weird and kind of not legal. I suppose if you are all into the spy world and need it for some real purpose you might like this type of thing. This video camera disguised as a pen can record up to 2GB worth of video and is one clever little gadget.

Boobs Radio

I suppose I can lump this item in as a gadget, but it’s really just a radio… a boobie device radio and I am sure there are many that will be happy to see it. Not sure what all you can say about a radio created from a pair of plastic boobs, but it apparently is run using batteries so if you are stuck with no power you can totally throw a party with this AM/FM radio made of boobs.


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