The Most Dangerous Sports In The World

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For most people, playing a sport is a relatively simple and safe activity. There’s usually a ball that you either hit with a bat or toss on the  gridiron or whack on the green way. For other people however, sports ain’t nothing without shedding  some serious blood, sweat and tears.  For these people here is our list of the 11 most dangerous sports in the world.  Before participating in any of the following sports, make sure you have really good medical coverage!:

Base Jumper

If it’s not a bird or a plane then it’s probably… a base jumper, one of those individuals who just don’t feel truly alive unless they’re hurling themselves with nothing but a parachute from buildings, antennas, bridges or cliffs. Chances are that if you don’t die by reaching the ground before planned, the wind could easily slam you into the object you’ve just left behind–or hoped to. Not only is this activity lethal–between 5 and 15 people die each year, according to The International PRO BASE Circuit–it’s also illegal in many parts of the world, including the U.S. Well, someone has to save those poor bastards from themselves!

Scuba Diving

Scuba (an acronym that stands for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus) diving is an increasingly popular sport, but imitating fish clearly has its drawbacks. The ascent from a dive, if done too fast, can cause decompression illnesses (including the bends), potentially causing failure of the spinal cord, brain and lungs. Not to mention that sharks passing by might be just a tad moody.

Cave Diving

Talk about living on the edge! Hypothermia, getting lost, getting separated from your diving buddy, low visibility, air loss and lighting failure are just some of the hazards in this umm, unusual sport. The National Speleological Society defines a successful dive as “one you return from.” Unlike open-sea diving, you can’t simply come up for air–you’d smash your head! According to the Texas-based San Marcos Area Recovery Team, more than 500 people have died since 1960 in cave diving accidents in Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean alone. And experience alone does not guarantee survival, as many of the victims have been instructors and technical divers.

Big Wave Surfing

Big-wave surfing is misleading. These waves aren’t big, they’re HUGE! Drowning, by being pulled under by the current, by smashing your head against hidden rocks, or by being whacked by the board on which you were supposed to be elegantly surfing, can be deadly. As a spokesperson for the California’s Surfline, points out: “Anyone can try this sport, but the chances are you won’t be coming back.”  Nice.

Street Luging

Started in the 1970s by a group of California kids (who obviously had nothing better to do), street luging is an extreme sport where you literally lie down on your skateboard and “butt-board” next to motor vehicles. Short of a collision, the only thing to stop you are your feet. Today, legality of this sport on highways is a gray area, and there’s no guarantee that cars or trucks will see you, let alone avoid you. Protective leathers and a helmet are essential–that is, if you don’t want to smear yourself all over the road.  Ouch!


For you and me, there’s simple bike riding. For the extreme sportsman however, there’s BMX . BMX or bicycle motocross is a combination of acrobatics while riding astride a bicycle. In its basic form, BMX  involves racing, but offshoots include bicycle stunts, vertical ramp and flatland. While there are no known deaths, injuries are off the charts–cuts, scrapes, bruises, breaks, concussions are but some of the injuries one can expect when doing this sport. And for a lot of these participants,  these wounds are really badges of honor to be shown off at the end.  Uh speaking for myself, I’m happy just to show off my photos from my tranquil bike ride around Lake George, thank you very much!


There’s a reason some things are so inaccessible—it’s God’s way of saying, “Don’t be stupid”. Still, people pay top dollar to be helicoptered (at $500 a pop) to untouched snowcaps, where they leap onto virgin slopes and ski far from crowds but very close to avalanches. Even the helicopter ride can be dangerous, and many have died en route to untouched powder (Frank Wells, former president of The Walt Disney Co. died in a helicopter crash during a heli-skiing trip in 1994).  Talk about Goofy!

Bull Riding

Rodeo started as the gymnastics of ranching: a series of highly specific competitions taken from key aspects of cattle ranching in the Old West. But there never was and never will be any reason to ride a bull: its only practical application is to make you appreciate your own job—even if you’re unemployed. Straddling 1800 pounds of leaping pissed-off beef (an effect achieved by constricting bovine genitals with rope, or TASERING, by the way) routinely results in the rider being thrown 10 feet into the air, with a landing cushioned by a mere inch of dirt and feces. And if you don’t break your jaw, ribs, or collarbone on re-entry, you still have that bull to worry about (he’s still bitter).

High Altitude Climbing

Talk about looking death in the face! About one death occurs for every six successful summits on Everest, and each victim had to pass corpses on the way up. Real mountaineers face every threat you can imagine, up to and including drowning. Other possible obstacles climbers face before reaching the summit are hypothermia, frostbite and pneumonia. Even a regular injury can be fatal, as rescue helicopters simply can’t get to you. To date, 179 out of 1,300 different Everest climbers have died, but mortality rates have started to decline since 1990.


Cheerleading dangerous?! Uhh, yeah. It has been estimated that there are over 20,000 reported cheerleading injuries a year, making cheerleading the most injury-prone sport in the world for women. Many common injuries include broken legs and spinal injuries. Think about it—it’s like diving on land, with easily distracted co-eds busily making eyes at the quarterback, serving as the water.

White Water Rafting

Surrounded by untamed rapids, participants hurtle towards…well, possibilities include smashing into rocks, being tossed out and drowning. If you fall out of the boat, foot entrapment could ensnare you, making it impossible to dislodge yourself for quite some time. Broken bones or twisted knees are common injuries. The problem with waterfalls is that you can’t see how steep the drop is beforehand. By the time it’s over, it could be too late.  Yikes!

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  1. LA, 5 years ago Reply

    I didn’t expect to see Cheer leading on this list. I’m thinking mixed martial arts should be on the list.

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  7. Samantha, 5 years ago Reply

    You didn’t expect to see cheerleading? This debate continues to make me laugh. People wonder why cheerleaders lash out at people in argument over what they do. And it’s because they are the only team sport that gets targeted. As a cheerleader.. do I go around telling soccer players, or swimmers, or basketball players that what they do is not a sport? Or that it is not dangerous? No. So why is it that the cheerleaders get the bad reputation huh? I can give you the answer. The only part of cheerleading that the public really gets a chance to witness, are the sideline cheers done on the edge of a football field. But what most people don’t know is what’s going on behind the scenes. Football games are our breaks. It’s like being able to take a day off for us. Have any of these people that are calling out cheerleading as not being a sport attended a competition? Or a hardcore practice the night before we’re gonna compete? I can almost guarantee that they have not. These people who are judging this sport before they really know anything about it.. should do a little more studying. Or look into a team that’s not a joke, because some teams are. But give the girls who work their asses of and perform like they’re superwomen… give them some credit.

    • Morgan, 3 years ago Reply

      Go get em girl :) :):):)

  8. John Smith, 5 years ago Reply

    cheerleadin is dangerous and only because they get distracted easily cuz they are freaking retards and they fall on each and break lags and crap cuz they are all anerexic biotches and are incredibly weak. Yah so if you think that just because cheerleading is extremely hard cuz its dangerous, think again. yah its cuz they throw all there tricks that they cant even do. cheerleading is a sad excuse for women to get out of the kitchen

    • Samantha, 4 years ago Reply

      LOL that’s really funny. Because I can’t think of a job that would hire you over me with the way your spelling and grammar is. Besides maybe a burger flipping job at Micky D’s

  9. John Doe, 4 years ago Reply

    SCUBA? Really? It’s a very safe sport unless you’re a drooling idiot. And it’s not a ‘sport’ to begin with, it’s called recreational diving for a reason!

  10. kieran, 4 years ago Reply

    the most dangerous sport in the world is Train spotting by blind people…

  11. Duh, 4 years ago Reply

    this needs to be updated. wingsuit proximity flying should be number 1. youtube it

  12. Mark, 4 years ago Reply

    Motocross and FMX are more dangerous than most of those. Cheerleading shouldn’t even be close.

  13. Sonia, 4 years ago Reply

    taking a class required by the state of ca. my instructor asked us a simple question what was the most dangerous sport out in the world? and nobody could answer he told us Base jumping has been #1 for the past 4 years . if we wanted to google it go ahead it was gonna come up as #1 and sure enough it has so far something to think about when applying for life insurance lol…

  14. Brianna Baker, 4 years ago Reply

    Dance should be on the list. Thousands of dancers have been seriously injured, such as paralysis, broken legs and back, ect. Some of the things on here aren’t even sports.

    • Morgan, 3 years ago Reply

      I’m not much of a dancer and I don’t think it’s that dangerous

  15. renee, 4 years ago Reply

    ummm gymnastics should be on there! thats way more dangerous than cheerleading and also, horseback riding should be up at the top! i almost witnessed a death when i used to do horseback riding!

  16. James Cripenet, 4 years ago Reply

    lol@ cheerleading as a “dangerous” sport. Clearly, the author has a problem with all the high-adrenaline/danger sports being dominated by men, so Limoge is either a female ball-breaker or a dude trying to score some from a girl…who will end up breaking his balls anyway (as a guy who has dated three feminists can attest to). Here’s a thought: Instead of manufacturing “danger” for women, encourage them to get involved in the dangerous sports and earn the respect of being “f*n nuts, dude/tte!” like the rest of us. Anything a man can do, a woman can do. So, go do it, ladies.

    And I second the opinion that “Wingsuit Proximity Flying” should be listed as the most dangerous sport, even before BASE jumping. How could someone writing an article on the subject not know that (rhet.)

  17. lauren, 3 years ago Reply

    for all of you who are “LOLing” at cheerleading being a DANGEROUS sport, i would get educated about it before you go smashing it. yes some of these things are not sports and i agree that gymnastics is a dangerous sport but you have NO IDEA how much injuries cheerleaders get each week. people have died from getting seriously injured. and for the person that said “cheerleadin is dangerous and only because they get distracted easily cuz they are freaking retards and they fall on each and break lags and crap cuz they are all anerexic biotches and are incredibly weak.” i have a couple things to fix.
    2.we are NOT anorexic and im SICK of people saying that. the reason we stay skinny is because of the amount of exercise we get per week. it is CRAZY and you wouldn’t believe us if we told you how much hours we get a week. once we stop doing cheerleading but keep eating as much as we do now, you will not even begin to think that we used to be cheerleaders because of how out of shape we will be.
    3. we arn’t weak. i am stronger then most of the boys in my grade and they all are really athletic and im THIRTEEN YEARS OLD. you should really try doing the stuff we do for stunts and TUMBLING especially. it takes so much strength. seriously.
    and 4. what happens that we get “distracted”???? that doesnt even make sense like that is totally irrelevant. we dont just fall all over eachother and break our legs and crap. like no ive fallen so many times in cheerleading and i have never broken a bone in my life.

    BASICALLY, what im trying to say is dont bash on the sport because it is what we do for a living. it is our LIFE. so it kills us inside to know that SO many people can be so rude. try the sport before you go making stuff up about it. BE RESPECTFUL.

    i rest my case.

    • yoville, 3 years ago Reply

      @ lauren better change ur attitude young lady or im telling ur momma on you lol

  18. simone, 3 years ago Reply

    cheerleaders make the impossible look possible we get kicked punched slapped kneed elbowed we cry we fall we get stepped on land square on our face keep going cause we have to there is no stopping we go into practice and work hard we stay up late miss school compete hard get less sleep we have no free time cheerleading is life …we lift people while they twist their body in pretzel shape forms while keeping a smile on our face we tumble we dance all in 2min we cry …now boys and girls who think cheerleading isnt a sport can kiss my ass because i bet some of you bitches couldnt last 10minutes in my gym try lifting somebody in the air with one hand when your leg is broke and you dont want to stop cheering cause you worked so hard if u look at the list i dont see football basketball baseball or soccer on there so whats a sport now lol just throwing a ball or puting it in a circle is easy ..

  19. Anonymous, 3 years ago Reply

    I’m just really surprised how much I don’t see Pole vaulting on these sites. Taking a 12-18 foot, glass or carbon fiber pole, and flexing it to gain the extra couple feet only to clear a fiber glass bar then fall onto your back. Doesn’t sound to hard to explaining it that way, but one false move and you could be breaking bones. In worst case having a pole snap or the bend of the pole react abnormally and falling head first into the box. Thinking about hitting the box again makes me cringe.

    I I
    \/ \/

    Yes I do understand cheerleading is a hard and dedicated “sport” <–(hehe!) ;-) but it's quite funny to get you all fired up saying it's not. That's just my reason for it. :P

  20. yoville, 3 years ago Reply

    what about Jai Alai ? THIS GAME EXCEEDS CHEERLEADING! throwing a ball at excessive speeds of 100+ mph

  21. Adam, 3 years ago Reply

    BMX? are you freaking kidding me? WHERE THE HECK IS MOTOCROSS????? Motocross is FAR more dangerous than ANY of these sports listed. As far as I am concerned this list is wrong and Motocross is understood to be the 2nd most dangerous sport in the world.

  22. akayo, 3 years ago Reply

    what’s life without the beautiful adventure .??.. life is too short the person should try everything he can before death…
    god created a lot a amazing things so we can try it …….and not to just ignore them and spend our lives sleeping and eating !!!!!
    i tried white water rafting and that was so awesome .the feeling of being in danger but having fun in the same time is the best thing a person can ever feel.

  23. Isai Tremblay, 3 years ago Reply

    Very informative blog.Much thanks again. Awesome.

  24. billy, 3 years ago Reply

    THESE ARE NOT SPORTS!!!! A Sport requires talent…any idiot can jump off a building, go down a rapid river, or ride a bike!…How the hell can you say scuba diving, heli skiing or mountain climbing is a sport…What’s the score???? The only thing one on this list that belongs is bull riding…Worst List Ever!….Hockey #1… and yes, I’m Canadian

  25. M.G, 3 years ago Reply

    I think pole vaulting should be on the list. I am a vaulter and have seen so many people get hurt. People have died polevaulting just by landing wrong. You are going 12 or 13 feet into the air using a fiberglass pole. if you dont plant just right you can kill your self. As for cheerleading it is dangerous because you are being thrown 1o feet in the air and if you are not caught you can die by hitting the ground

  26. Kathy, 3 years ago Reply

    Equestrian is justt sayyyin.

  27. Mark, 3 years ago Reply

    Can somebody please tell me how motocross, nor freestyle motocross, are on this list? I can assure you that there are more injuries and death in those two sports than Cheerleading. Who writes these things?

  28. The Most Dangerous Sports in the World «, 3 years ago Reply

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  29. Ali, 3 years ago Reply

    Are you joking?!?!? Cheerleading is a sport!

  30. Ali, 3 years ago Reply

    So all of you people should stop lashing out on cheerleading! Because its really hard! And it takes effort! You have to be flexible,strong, and many other things! Could you lift up a whole invite person in the air? And make him/her twist,flip, or pull stuff (scorpions,needles,spikes,arabesque,bow and arrow,heels stretch etc..) I didnt think so. And it’s just not “another excuse to get women out of the kitchen” you people need to grow up!

  31. Raschelle, 3 years ago Reply

    this statement the writer of the article is wrong the rope is nowhere near the bulls genitals watch bull riding 101with Ty Murray here’s the link

    I do not ride bulls so don’t accuse me of trying to make my sport sound better my sport is not on this list but it is equally dangerous my sport is Bareback Bronc ridding I don’t bronc ride yet due to not having money but I do know Rodeo is not cruel there are extreme punishments for animal cruelty if you don’t believe me look at the PRCA regulations

  32. Cultural richness can be dangerous | Panethos, 3 years ago Reply

    [...] Bronco and bull riding at rodeos across North America [...]

  33. Lily, 3 years ago Reply

    Da heck?! I thought horse riding would be in here since its ranked at the 2nd most dangerous sport… D:

  34. rocket, 3 years ago Reply

    I am not surprised at the sports listed here? But there is a huge difference between sports and hobbies, and Rodeo is the only true sport shown here.
    And the (flank strap) that goes around the bull’s waist does not even come close to the testicles! Put a belt on your dog, or cat and watch them buck in an effort to get the belt off. And tasers are not used ever to make a bull buck! A cattle prod is used to make stubborn animals load into trailers, it has 4 d cell batteries and is nothing like a police tazer. Facts in journalism are the key! Unless of course fox news is your daily source.
    For those of you who enjoy reading (the last go round) by Ken kessey) is a fantastic book on rodeo and ethnic diversity during the industrial age of this great nation. And (rank) is a awesome documentary about today’s pro bull riders, and the life they and the bulls live? JCWestray, professional cowboy

  35. Hannah :), 3 years ago Reply

    Hey, just to everyone that is saying that cheerleading is dumb and not a sport, easy and shouldn’t be on the list, i think you should probably see what it is first before you judge. I have seen teeth knocked out bones broken and so many other injuries, it’s outrageous. I also play hockey and hockey is so much safer than cheerleading. I use to think cheerleading was silly as well. But then I watched it and it’s amazing what they can do. Yes I know we wear skimpy uniforms but that’s for safety, if we wear something big and baggy it will get caught on others and people will then get injured. In soccer, if you miss you will have to chase the ball but in cheerleading if you miss, someone could suffer series injuries that could paralyze them for life. For the people who think it’s dumb and easy you should watch and then try this <3

  36. 1234, 3 years ago Reply

    I’m genuinly surprised that Horseback Riding isnt on here…you try jumping 4 foot jumps in 60 seconds on a 1300-1400 pound animal who has a mind of their own. Or galloping about 10 miles on a cross country course and having to jump 3 foot jumps! People say ‘thats so easy!” But in reality, its not. It takes an AMAZING rider and YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS of practice to be able to do the things pro-equestrians do. Horses can break their necks/backs/legs from a bad fall, or it can be fatal. To the rider or horse. So infact, Horseback Riding IS a sport.

  37. Erinn, 2 years ago Reply

    Where is horse riding? It is definitely the top most dangerous sport.
    And most of the haters would say it is not a sport because they are too afraid to gallop across a beach, jump puissance around 7 foot and make it look easy.
    I agree with 1234.

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