Things You Need to Know about Memory Foam Mattresses

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As with any different type of mattress, there are both advantages and disadvantages to the memory foam mattress. As a consumer, you want to know what all your options are, and you want to be fully informed about all those options. By understanding memory foam mattresses, you’ll be equipped to make the most informed decision about whether memory foam is the right type of mattress for you.

What Is Memory Foam?
Memory foam is a visco-elastic polyurethane type of foam that is specifically designed to provide multiple benefits to the person sleeping on it. Because it’s constructed from millions of spherical cells, it conforms to your body as you rest, responding to your body’s temperature and pressure points. Thus, memory foam provides you with support in a way traditional spring mattresses cannot. Believe it or not, memory foam mattresses have been used in hospitals for years, but only recently have they grown in popularity for consumer at-home use.

What to Look for in Memory Foam Mattresses
Though the initial construction is the same, different manufactures and memory foam mattress models will vary. So you’ll need to consider a few key elements in order to find the right memory foam mattress for you.

The biggest difference between memory foam mattresses is density. Make sure you do not confuse density with the depth of the mattress – these are two separate things. The memory foam layer itself will have a density factor. The denser the layer, the more visco-elastic materials used and thus the more support the mattress will offer. The less dense the foam layer, the less support you will receive. Naturally, the denser the foam layer, the costlier the mattress.

ILD—indentation load deflection—is very important when looking at memory foam mattresses. In the simplest of explanations, the ILD determines how soft or firm your mattress will be. The higher the ILD number, the firmer the mattress. But do you need a firm or soft memory foam mattress?

If you suffer from lower back pain, you need adequate support. Though a lower ILD is great for easing pressure points, it lacks the ability to provide ample support to problem areas.

Only You Can Decide
No matter how great the sale or how firm the mattress is, the only person who can decide the right type of mattress for you is you. Now that they are popular, memory foam mattresses come in a variety of depths, densities, sizes and ILDs, which means with a little shopping around, you will find the perfect mattress to provide you with the perfect night’s sleep.


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  1. luke, 3 years ago Reply

    I used to own a low ILD memory foam mattress and since purchasing one with a higher ILD ive found that my once constant lower back pain has more or less dissapeared, so id say a firmer memory foam mattress is the way to go when needing back support.

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