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Bored with the usual in the bedroom? Try one of these 10 top sex positions that are the ultimate when it comes to pleasure for both men and women. Everyone wants to have mind blowing wild and crazy orgasms, but finding what works for you both is actually the real key to incredible sex. Take a look at the positions below, adapt them, try them out, and find which one works best. Some of these positions may seem simple yet can provide utmost pleasure for both of you.

1. Sexy Spooning

This sex position starts off being very intimate as you snuggle and spoon one another. To assume the position, women will simply lie on their side with the guy close up behind them. Men can snuggle, hug, or use his hands to gently stimulate the woman. Rather than moving in and out, the man should stay inside the woman using gentle rocking motions while providing consistent stimulation to the G-spot, which is ideal for achieving an exceptional orgasm. This is a very passionate and gentle position that provides an incredible orgasm.

2. Woman on Top

This position is a fan favorite for many men and women as it puts the woman in almost total control of the movements. This is one of the best sex positions for deep penetration. The position can be done on the bed, on a chair, or really anywhere you have the room. It is easy to get into position as the man sits and the woman straddles him so you are face-to-face. Women have almost full control over the speed, angle, and motion because they can use their arms and legs to increase the movements. Instead of the standard up and down, have the woman try to sway forward and back, with a gentle rubbing motion. Test out different speeds and postures to achieve maximum pleasure.

3. Doggy Style

Doggy style is not the most appropriate name for this position, but since most know the term we will go with it. This position is great for both men and women as far as pleasure but is less intimate than some of the others. Doggy Style allows for deep penetration with the man kneeling behind the woman who is up on all fours. This can also work with the woman bent over a kitchen table or the edge of the bed and the man standing behind her.

4. The Slow Rock

This position works best when using a rocking chair or recliner seat. The man sits with the woman on top of him. Her legs can be wrapped around the man or over the arms of the chair and holding on to the sides for control. The rocking of the chair helps for deeper penetration and provides stimulation without much effort on either partner’s part.

5. Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is basically the woman on top in reverse. Instead of the woman straddling him, she should try putting her legs together, feet flat between his legs. There are several benefits to having the legs together rather than apart as the fit is tighter, making the feelings more intense. As the woman leans forwards or backwards changing the angle of penetration, it will increase the G-spot stimulation making for an explosive orgasm.

6. One Leg Up

This position is attained as the woman lays on her side, with one leg over the man’s shoulder and the other leg down in-between the man’s legs. This position is slightly more acrobatic as it involves the woman stretching and twisting a bit in order to achieve maximum pleasure, but is well worth the extra effort.

7. Missionary

The standard and probably most well known sex position, the missionary arrangement is still one of the best for both men and women. In this position the woman is on the bottom and the man is on the top doing most of the work. When the woman changes the position of her legs, and angle of her body the depth of penetration will provide different sensations for both until ultimate pleasure is received.

8. Seated Wheelbarrow

This position is just as it sounds, resembling the carrying of a wheel barrow. The man sits on the edge of a chair, bed or anywhere else the woman can reach the floor with her hands while straddling him backwards. This position does require some upper body strength on the woman’s part, since she will be holding herself up and using her arms for some of the activity.

9. Forward Flex

This position should only be attempted if the woman is a bit flexible. Both of The woman’s legs rest on the man’s shoulders which allows for various depths and angles of penetration. Depending on the amount the man leans forward and how flexible the woman is you can adjust the levels of comfort and pleasure.

10. Modified Doggy Style

Doggy Style as described above has always been one of the top sex position, but in order to really make it the number one position you need to modify it just a bit. The woman should lie on her stomach, lifting her rear slightly upwards so the man can enter. The man can prop himself up with his hands in a push-up position or lie on top of the woman If it is too difficult to maintain a comfortable position, try adding pillows under the woman’s stomach. This face-down configuration provides increased friction and should end in an explosive orgasm.


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