Transformers: Dark of The Moon – Last Transformers Movie? Not if Tyrese Gibson Can Help It!

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Transformers: Dark of The Moon has just opened in theaters to generally rave reviews, but could this third installment in the popular Sci-fi Fantasy series be the last? Director Michael Bay thinks so. The director wants to move on to other things after directing the third installment in the much-discussed movie franchise.

Adding further fuel to rumors of the series’ demise is the fact that lead actor Shia Labeuf has also stated that he isn’t interested in acting in another Transformers movie. After losing lead actress Meagan Fox in this third installment, the trilogy can hardly afford to lose any more talent, and losing its director and its lead actor in one swoop could mark the end for Transformers fans everywhere.

However, actor and singer Tyrese Gibson says fans deserve better. He makes an excellent point about the series, stating that Transformers Producer Steven Spielberg would make a fantastic director for a fourth installment, and that his “Master Sgt. Epps” and Josh Duhamel’s “Lt. Colonel Lennox” would be “perfect” to take over as the leads.

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Gibson not only admits that Michael Bay has gone far overboard with the special effects in the movies, but even goes as far as to make fun of the director, saying he has never really grown up. Tyrese said the director must have been denied access to fireworks by his parents and is now taking out his vengeance on the public by going grossly overboard with explosions and loud noises in the Transformers movies.

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Actress Meagan Fox was reportedly fired before the production of the third installment in the series, after referring to Director Michael Bay as “Hitler” and calling him a “Control Freak.” Critics have said Meagan did a far better job as lead actress than her replacement, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, has.

Adding further fuel to the Michael Bay flames, actor Tyrese Gibson also stated that Director Steven Spielberg would do a much better job than Michael Bay if given the chance to direct a future Transformers installment. Given the Director’s track record, this seems quite likely. Gibson said he’d even volunteer to do live-action explosion scenes (as opposed to the computer-generated ones Bay is infamous for) if Spielberg were to direct a future addition to the series.

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