Unidentified Creature Washed Up in San Diego – What is it?

Posted by By Justin at 3 February, at 10 : 06 AM Print

This week, a the corpse of a rotten dead animal washed up on the beach in San Diego, California. People are still trying to figure out what it is, and of course the internet starting trying to guess what it is, and a lot of people are saying it’s some sort of monster or demon.


Of course, it’s far more likely to be something really boring. My guess is, it’s a Mexican Wild Pig, which is a little-known species of hog or boar that exists in Mexico and Central America. These pigs have downward facing tusks, while most wild boar species have their tusks facing upwards, or at least the largest tusks face upwards with the smaller ones facing downwards.

Some people thought it was a possum – obviously those people have rather hilariously never seen a possum in their life – otherwise they would have known that it is far too big to be a possum and the face looks nothing like one at all.


What do you think this bizarre and rather scary looking creature could be?

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  1. hemo, 3 years ago Reply

    AWSOME BITCHESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lolzpika, 3 years ago Reply

      looks like some kind of demon dog thats shaved….. *shrugs* I VOTE POORLY SHAVED DOG!

  2. sheena, 3 years ago Reply

    I know what it could be….totally FAKE. Very poorly glued on hair gives it away.

  3. poo, 3 years ago Reply

    its a dragooonnnn

  4. nathan, 3 years ago Reply

    this is ugly as fuck

  5. Angel, 3 years ago Reply

    This think is totaly fake because the hair is just stuck with glue and i saw a toy like that for teen in a web site……

  6. Angel, 3 years ago Reply

    this thing is fake

  7. shavon, 3 years ago Reply

    i think its real but more so made up not the first creature to wash up on the shores

  8. god, 3 years ago Reply

    the glued part of the thing is odd, and looks like a mohawk. but it looks like an old troll thing…a long time ago(Not the meme)

  9. JAY, 3 years ago Reply

    It’s Snookie…

    • SB_Australia, 3 years ago Reply

      lol…but no, too attractive for Snookie!

  10. SB_Australia, 3 years ago Reply

    I’m calling bullshit! Look at the hair on that things head…it looks like fucking plugs or Barbie hair…FAKE!

  11. cn.o, 3 years ago Reply

    some kind of canine – the hair most likely looks as such due to the ocean ‘sanding’ off what was on the raised part of the skull in the surf and hadn’t yet been able to reach to crease in the center… can’t be to old otherwise the flesh would be gone from rot or being eaten by sea critters

    • demonslayer, 2 years ago Reply

      I think it is a canine of some sorts it could even by crazy chance be washed up from the tsunami in japan but it is more possibly a canine or dog related animal/creature the hair does look glued but that tends to happen when something with no other hair is in the water for a long period of time the hair could also be sun bleached or salt bleached from the water magnifying the sun or the saltwater cleaning the color out of it so it could be a canine or pig or some unknown japanese creature that until now was un discovered

  12. adam, 3 years ago Reply

    maybe it is one of the people responsible for itthing.com.

  13. kat, 2 years ago Reply

    dragon of mermaid

  14. エミリー, 2 years ago Reply

    this isn’t real:

    1. eyes are plastic
    2. you can see a cotton lining under the hair
    3. no ribs
    4. the teeth are unnaturally attached to the gum
    5. it’s bone dry

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