Video Game Artwork: Creativity at Its Best

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Gaming has expanded into a culture of its own, and fan art based off original and favorite games have become increasingly popular. There are a number of incredibly talented artists that have created video game art using different mediums, styles, and forms. Below are just a few of the talented artists and their work that encompass the video game artwork phenomenon.

Donkey Kong and Mario- Bob Dob

Bob Dob is a California artist who sketches and paints vividly moody paintings that are meant to show a piece of life that isn’t always pleasant. Featured here in this painting are Mario and Donkey Kong sharing a beer and smoke while taking a break from their challenging jobs.

Super Mario Bros, Mario- Bob Dob

Super Mario Bros, Mario- Bob Dob

More Bob Dob paintings, this time of Mario and Luigi battered and bruised after being apprehended by the LAPD.

Resident Evil Pixel Art- Donna Pike

’8-Bit Evil’ Pixel painting by artist: Donna Pike is created on canvas rather than a digital platform. Shown here is Resident Evil’s own Chris Redfield ready to shoot up some zombies.

Super Mario Pixel Art- Donna Pike

‘Super Mario Go’ graffiti pixel art on canvas by artist Donna Pike is another popular arcade piece presented in such a unique fashion.

Dig Dug Arcade Art- Donna Pike

More artwork from Donna Pike- “Job Satisfaction” inspired by Dig Dug created with acrylics and maker.

Twins, Lucas and Claus Pixel Arcade Art- Donna Pike

Lucas and Clause pixel art by Donna Pike with inspiration from Mother 3 / EarthBound 2

Sonic The Hedge Hog Art-Mikaël Aguirre

‘Stardust Speedway’ is a combination of matte painting and digital manipulation used to create this amazing and visually stunning piece of video game artwork. High res images can be downloaded and used as wall paper or you can purchase prints from the artist, Mikaël Aguirre

Yoshi Digital Art- Mikaël Aguirre

Yoshi’s Playground sketched and digitally crafted by Mikaël Aguirre

3-D Centipede Pixel Art- Metin Seven

3D pixel illustrations of classic video games by artist Metin Seven of Sevens Heaven are truly incredible. Displayed here is the old school game, Centipede from Atari, where you would just roll a simple ball around and shoot up objects.

3-D Pac Man Pixel Art

Known as Pac Man’s dilemma by artist Metin Seven, this 3-D pixel art piece has you thinking which ghost is actually going to kill Mr. Pac Man.

3-D Galaga Pixel Art

Again from artist Metin Seven, this unique pixel art piece is in a league of its own and brings back so many memories from my childhood! Prints of Sevens Heaven’s 3D illustrations can be purchased and cherished for generations to come.

Digital Yoshi Pop Art

A digital design of Yoshi created in pop art form is displayed in this creative photo by Etsy designer Pet Prints.

Donkey Kong and Mario-Gary Storkamp

“The King of Kong” by artist Gary Storkamp is a combination of designs and mediums creating a really powerful and suggestive arcade fanart piece. A true battle between the characters and no one really knows who will win.

Various 3-D Arcade Artwork Pieces- Melissa Jones

Artist and sign maker Melissa Jones has created a variety of three dimensional arcade artwork pieces including Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, Q-Bert, and many more. The process she uses to create these classic arcade characters begins with her crafting a wood carvings of the item, then making a resin casting of the original and hand painting each one with stunning colors.

Pac Man Portrait- Nathan Stapley

Inspired by the video arcade game Pac Man, artist Nathan Stapley creates a solitary painted portrait of the usually dynamic Mr. Pac Man.

Donkey Kong- Nathan Stapley

Another piece by Nathan Stapley, this one inspired by Donkey Kong. A classic take on the apes boring job of barrel tossing and trying to eliminate Mario.

Super Mario-Ted McClung

Ted McClung is a very talented digital illustrator who shines in his video game artwork pieces. His creation here of Mario, shows him engaged in battle with the deadly plants and killer flying turtles. A rather realistic display of the original pixel arcade game makes this image so incredible.

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