Water Jet Pack Lets You Fly Above The Waves Like A Superhero

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Everybody has at some point in their lifetime wished they could fly. This isn’t flying, per se, but it might just be the next best thing.

JetLev has introduced a new jetpack that pulls water from a tube that hangs below you and propels it out through a couple of jets so powerfully, that it propels you about 20 feet into the air and lets you cruise around over the water, riding on nothing but jets of water.

Jetlev flyer

The water jets propel 10x more water than a fire hydrant does, and yet the stream is harmless enough that you can stick your hand directly into it without getting hurt.

They say it takes about half an hour to learn how to fly the thing, and it’s fully legal according to the U.S. Coast Guard. The pack is gas-powered.

The only downsides are the high cost and the chase boat that is required to carry the fuel. Primary customers include resorts and ocean sports companies.

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