Weird and Unusual New Year’s Resolution

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Every year around the end of the Holidays people sit down and begin to write their resolutions for the coming year. Mostly, these resolutions center around ways to look better, feel better, be more productive, give up a bad habit, etc. etc. No one really sits down and writes out things that just might bring them pure happiness. This year, make an effort to complete an unusual list of New Year’s resolutions. When the mundane task of finding personal flaws to improve has become your yearly ritual, it is time to break free and put your self-mothering disciplines to rest. After all, new years are supposed to be spent on new beginnings. Have fun and complete your own list of weird pursuits and unusual changes to do in your life.

If you happen to live in an area with a famous restaurant or comfort food joint, why not try to put your name in their hall of famed eaters. Break records. You have seen it on television, people eating monster-size burgers and other local restaurant specialties in exchange for their name to be written the restaurant’s hall of fame plus other treats. If you are such in luck, you may even be able to break some serious local, national or world record with this one.

As you set new goals, why not break your own record. Add more body piercing. This could be the time to get that belly ring or nose ring that you have always been curious about. Jump on a pogo stick for as long as you can and record your time. Prepare and eat your biggest pancake for breakfast.

Be a kid. For once, learn a party trick that you can show off with your friends and family. Try belching your way through your alphabets. Learn to do headstands. Practice some contortion.

Throw your money away on something silly. If you happen to be royalty or a really rich fellow, try buying up a sports team, a team you have never heard about. To ensure snappy restaurant service, include a personal waiter on your list of new employees and bring him along as you dine in your favorite restaurants.

Try learning an unusual skill, something that may be impractical but interesting. For instance, you may learn playing accordion or taxidermy. Memorize poems. Learn how to sing the opera. Master the names of all known flowers. Pursuing one of these skills enables you to hold interesting conversations or even provide entertainment for boring parties.

In this year and in this economy, try shopping for dark colored wardrobes and nothing else. This should give you decent enough work clothes, casual wear and formal ensembles. Lay off the urge to go for fashionable prints and cuts. Stay low on black, gray or blue. If possible, you can dye your clothes with darker colors. Being in dark tones for the whole year makes sense as it relieves you from the pressure of matching everything you wear and from the cost of fussy dry cleaning.

Be spontaneous. Break your own rules. Make the items on your list a bit unpredictable or even out of character. You might be surprised to discover more about yourself. You might be surprised to discover more things that you may pursue to spice up your year. These crazy and outrageous antics should allow you to break free from your normal preferences and help you finally come out of your comfort zone to explore new possibilities.


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