The World of Weird, Crazy and Wacky Candies

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Candy – some are sweet, some are sour, some are chocolate… and some are downright gross. We are not just talking about strange flavors, but actually disgusting candy that makes your stomach turn a bit just looking at it. As a kid I once turned my nose up at licorice because I thought it was gross, these days kids seem to be obsessed with gross candy… the grosser the better too! Enjoy this list of utterly disgusting candy which includes things like snot, bugs, ear wax, toe jam, and many more of the grossest candies ever.

Harry Potter Candy Cockroaches

I suppose if you throw the word ‘Harry Potter’ in front of anything edible kids will eat it- even if it looks like a ginormous cockroach and crunches like one too! Bugs are gross, and each year more and more realistic bug candy seems to pop out. These things are particularly gross as each cockroach has a juicy gummy underbelly, is covered with a crunchy candy shell and of course includes sticky cockroach wings. Realistic in size too as they each measure about 2 inches in length and 1 inch wide… crunch, munch.

Hose Nose

Any type of candy that I have to attach to my head to eat is going to give me some type of complex regardless… but having to eat it while it comes dripping from a giant nose is completely and utterly repulsive. You literally eat this booger slime candy as it comes oozing out of a plastic nose. Blahhh

White Chocolate Maggots

White chocolate is an alternative to chocolate with a really smooth and creamy texture. Some people really enjoy the taste of white chocolate, while others aren’t a big fan. But it is not the flavor of this candy that makes it so gross… it’s the shape they use to make it with- maggot fashioned! Despite the fact that white chocolate is pretty tasty, eating anything that looks like maggots is just disgusting! I would completely imagine the actual freaky little things as I attempted to eat this and it would probably give way to some serious gagging.

Poop Diaper Candy

Poop candy!! Seriously… who makes up this stuff! The concept is revolting as a candy and the display is even worse. This poop candy comes inside a small baby diaper that I suppose might only be entertaining to new parents or kids who really like to freak out their friends. It doesn’t even say what type of candy it is, I can only hope it’s something like a tootsie roll… then again I don’t think I care as I won’t be trying it anytime soon!

Sour Toilet Candy

This is one candy I might actually try because I imagine it to taste like Fun Dip (If you remember that candy!) What’s gross about this one is the way its displayed… in a toilet with a plunger like lollipop to help you eat the yummy flavored powder candy inside the bowl. Lick the sour plunger pop and dip it into the toilet to pick up your sweet candy goodness and suck away.

BeanBoozled Jelly Belly Beans

Feel like playing an awful joke on your friends that love jelly beans? Then this is the candy for you- part yummy jelly beans and part nasty rotten ones, it’s up to you to decide which are which. Is the black jelly bean Licorice, or is it Skunk Spray? The delicious jelly beans are the same color as the gross ones so you might be surprised at the flavor you get. Definitely not a nice Halloween candy to give away, but a hilariously fun way to entertain yourself and some friends! A few of the Jelly Belly BeanBoozled flavor pairings are: Canned Dog Food – Chocolate Pudding, Skunk Spray – Licorice, Rotten Egg – Buttered Popcorn, Booger – Juicy Pear, Moldy Cheese – Caramel Corn. In all honesty, while this candy might look the best, it is probably the grossest candy of them all!

Tequila Worm Lollipop

Nothing like tequila flavored candy and bugs to make candy appealing! Is this actually legal to give to kids? I remember one time in Mexico my buddy ate one of these worms from inside a tequila bottle… sorry I digress. Anyways, it’s a nasty real worm inside a tequila flavored lollipop, not sure it gets grosser than this.

Bag O Blood

Nothing like pure red liquid candy to slurp on! I suppose you drink this stuff or puncture it and suck it out, either way it’s a pretty disgusting display even if it does have a nice juicy watermelon flavor. This candy is a perfect treat for Halloween or to use on a really creepy dish that requires a bit of extra O positive to make it a frightful delight.

Chocolate Dipped Insects

I realize that after my strange meals made from insect’s piece some people thought a few items weren’t too bad- I suppose this candy dish might also fall along those same lines, however I still think this is on the gross side. Chocolate covered insects, which include worms (larvae) and crickets, covered in white or milk chocolate make a nice crunchy candy treat for those who dare to eat them.

Dill Pickle Mints

Not exactly candy… but not exactly a mint either! Pickles are a popular side dish to many meals and not regularly used to freshen breath, so that is why these dill pickle mints are on our list of gross candies- pickles and mint just a bad combo together… mint after pickle, yep that works!

Chocolate Covered Wafer Ant Candy

Another candy made from real bugs, and this time ANTS… gross! A cookie wafer covered in ants smothered in chocolate makes this candy totally creepy and disgusting.

Zit Popper Candy

A soft squishy candy that looks like a pimple, and acts like a big zit must be a fantastic choice in candy right? If you squeeze them hard enough then a liquid red substance oozes out too… how fun! Plump and ripe, these strawberry and watermelon flavored gummy candies are the ideal gross out candy that I am sure kids would love.

Ear Wax Candy

Nothing makes you think of candy more than a giant ear with ear wax falling out of it right? Yes, ear wax candy is here for everyone to dig into- literally! It is a plastic ear filled with a soft fruity yellow candy that resembles ear wax. It even comes with a plastic “swab” to use to dig out the candy. Enjoy!

Toe Jam Candy

Another really gross idea, but great for kids who love candy with a high “yuck factor,” Toe Jam candy is the ultimate in nasty. This fluffy Toe Jam Candy is actually apple flavored cotton candy, but the thought of eating something picked out of your toes makes the stomach turn a tad.

Box of Boogers

Candy picked just for you… these sour and sweet gummy boogers look real enough to gross out anyone! Super nasty pieces of crusted snot come in different sizes and are the perfect gumminess to fling across the room at your buddy and have them stick a bit. With 3 different flavors; Snottermelon, Sour Green Boogy, and Lemon Loogy, all you have to do pick your favorite.

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