World’s Worst Hoarders

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It’s one thing to throw your clothes on the floor after a drunken night or to store your plate under your favorite couch cushion for a few days. But it’s a whole other thing to start hoarding everything you own from old newspapers to used fast food wrappers to uneaten vegetables (Blecch!). We’ve scoured the entire internet (more disgusting than any drawer in your house) and found some of the worst hoarding offenders. Feel free to throw this in your girlfriend’s face the next time she calls you a disgusting pig for leaving the toilet seat up.


Thirty years ago, Augustine was a proud, beautiful woman with two adorable children. Now she lives in a “house” filled with foul trash.

The water, gas, and heat have been turned off, and even Augustine seems turned off from reality.  And the icing on the cake? The poor woman ain’t even got no teeth!


Talk about depressing (and gross). Twenty-one year old Jake is a compulsive hoarder who lives in a house strewn with snack wrappers, empty bottles, and rotting food.

He can’t even bring himself to clean up his dog’s shedded black hair!


Shirley, the ultimate spinster,  could never turn her back on a stray cat. Due to this weakness, she currently lives in a house with an innumerable amount of felines, (some living, some dead), along with the fetid odors of cat feces and urine soaked carpeting and furniture.

In other words, she’s competing to be the world’s official cat lady.


On the outside, he is George Clooney handsome. But on the inside Chris is hiding a disturbing secret. He’s has been unable to have people over since he’s living in a house strewn from floor to ceiling with loads and loads of junk .

It took him 3 years to muster up the courage to even invite over his girlfriend of three years.

Jennifer & Ron

Jennifer and Ron are a happily married couple with two beautiful children. Yet in this household two hoarders are NOT better than one. Jennifer is a compulsive shopper who never saw an item she didn’t like.

Ron meanwhile, can’t seem to part with well, anything. Together, this couple are a disaster!


Jill’s home is a nightmare. Food in various stages of decay is stuffed among her two freezers and four refrigerators–one of which is held shut by duct tape and a box of dented canned goods.

She recently lost her job and knows that if her landlord were to pay a visit she would get evicted immediately. (If I was Jill’s landlord, she would’ve been evicted YESTERDAY!)


Bob and Betsey are the picture of a happy American family. They have four beautiful children and own a large, beautiful home. Thing is they can’t sleep in their large, beautiful home because the structure is infested with bed bugs and the exterminator can’t get into the house to get rid of them due to the overflow of broken furniture, food, piles of clothes, and mounds of books and toys.

So where have Bob, Betsy and the children chosen to sleep instead? Why in tents in their backyard where they have been sleeping for four months.  Hmmm, cozy.


Retired veterinarian Richard (or as he likes to be called, “Dr. Dickey”) is a self-proclaimed “collector” who has filled up his entire home, two garages, and two storage units with his “collections”. What does he collect exactly?

How about hundreds of decorated eggs, tons of veterinary related figurines, and 60,000 beer cans. And “Dr. Dickey” claims he’s only had two beers his whole life. Uh yeah, right.

Robin & Ken

The stench emanating from Robin’s home can be smelled from the street. The garbage inside is piled from floor to ceiling and the house is literally caving in around it. The kitchen is filled with old food.  Piles in the house and yard are three to five feet high and neighbors have complained of rats, mice, roaches and other infestations.
The hoard is so bad that Ken and Robin have resorted to sleeping in cars, parks and now a low income housing development.  This place looks so bad I don’t think the rats and roaches want to live here either!


It’s one thing to hoard garbarge but when one hoards animals, that’s just a whole other piece of the pie! In a truly gruesome story, 153 cats, 97 dogs and 30 birds were rescued from Barbara’s house in Rochelle, Ill.  Along with the stash of animals, officials stated that the house also contained about 200 carcasses many of which had deteriorated to the point where it was hard to tell what form of animal it was.
Apparently the place was so over-run with animals that Barbara was eventually forced to sleep in a sleeping bag on her porch. Gee, you’d think that she would attempt to control the situation before it got to that point…you think?!

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  1. Hoarders: Why Do They Do It? |, 4 years ago Reply

    [...] Compulsive hoarding is a mental disorder which causes a person to keep or collect such a huge amount of items that their homes are rendered inhabitable. Passageways are blocked and every surface is covered in things the hoarder has collected from the roadside, from bins or simply old possessions they refuse to throw away. The items they ‘save’ range from cats, newspapers and plastic bags full of clothes to broken appliances, rotting food and hundreds of ornaments, to mention just a few. Meet the world’s worst hoarders. [...]

  2. WicCaesar, 4 years ago Reply

    Great compilation of this nasty disease.

  3. arginine, 4 years ago Reply

    I should examine with you here, which is not something I normally do! I get pleasure from studying a post that will make people think. Additionally, thanks for allowing me to remark!

  4. Frances, 3 years ago Reply

    I need help I no someone the old and need alot of help shes a hoarder, its getting to the point no want to see her, even her grandchildren, I fell so bad for her.

  5. wastin' time, 3 years ago Reply

    hmmmm, seems like there is a mislabel on some of these. there are hoarders…and then there are people that are just plain lazy.

  6. Deborah Orie, 3 years ago Reply


  7. steve, 3 years ago Reply

    Stop the funking lazyness and pick up after your own fn self. they need a smake in the face from reality. myself id light a match to all their homes.Its just gonna get filled back in.what a waste of time. like the biggest looser who lost it all and gained it all back and some.they wont change.

  8. apple cake, 3 years ago Reply

    These people can’t just stop cleaning. They are not* lazy. They probably go through a lot more brain work than we do during an average day. Hoarding, I’m sure, is a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Telling a horder to throw something away like even a newspaper clipping just won’t do. These people need professional help by a psychologist who deals with OCD. OCD is a very *treatable* disorder – the problem is people like those who like to make fun of hoarders and probably the horders themselves, and probably some psychologists, havne’t recognized it. These people are sufferring, and we are making fun of them and not using the word OCD anywhere throughout web pages like this.

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